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1. Star Planet Opened

Beyond the Maple World lies a colorful world with spotlights and dreams.
Star Planet! It contains all the fun of cash items without ever having to spend a cent.

Now let's take a closer look into Shining Star's Star Planet

1.Getting to Star Planet

Entering Method #1. Through an existing character

As shown below, all you simply need to do is select your character, choose "STAR PLANET", and you'll be at Star Planet!

Entering Method #2. Through a Star Planet character

You are able to create a Star Planet character! Simply click the Star Planet button on the bottom right of the world selection screen and make your character

|· When entering Star Planet, you cannot use your Use or ETC inventory
· Star Planet characters have the following attirbutes

1. Character can be easily selected to head to Star Planet
2. You are able to enter the Maple World and get a job like normally.
3. You do not choose which world. You'll be in a world where Star Planet characters are only
4. You may only have 1 Star Planet Character
5. In Star Planet, you can purchase cash items for yourself

2.Star Planet Interface

The interface looks a bit different than your known Maple interface.
Let me guide you through it

Star Grade and Character Name
Your grade from total accumulation of star points is displayed, as well as the corresponding icon for it. And of course your name.

Star Point Bar
Take this as sort of a experience bar. Once you fill out the bar by star points, your star grade will increase

Character Information
Only in Star Planet can you see various information that relates to Star Planet
You can see how much a person collected Mileage for that day, their high scores, and their Star Grade

Skill Shortcut
You can use the hotkeys/shortcut bar to improve your experience. Do note you wont be able to use skills that you had in Maple World

Star Planet Notifications
This will display all the quests you can do in Star Planet

Star Planet Guide
Here you can find guides on Mileage, Games, Events, and other goods!

Maple World Go Button
If for any time you wish to head back to the Maple World, simply press this button.

3.Star Planet Areas

The streets of Star Planet are filled with joy in every corner!
Star Planet consists of 7 significant areas: Star Arena, Central Plaza, Point Pub, Game Center, Luxury Hall, Cafeteria, Entrance

Here's a map to simplify it

2. Star Planet's Beauty, the Shining Star

1.What is a Shining Star?

There are people in Star Planet that strive to work their hardest and climb further than anyone. Those people are Shining Stars!

Becoming a Shining Star is available to those who put a good record through Star Points or Star Activities

There is a weekly top 100 most popular users and the top 5 are chosen as Shining Star
You can see the popularity through the Popular Ranking Board. You're able to see the ones who get chosen to be Shining Star through Game Rankings.

|· The ranking board can be found in Central Plaza or Star Arena
You can check when the next Shining Star will be picked by the board's UI on the top right
Try and challenge to become the Shining Star!

2.How To Become Shining Star

So now that you learned what a Shining Star, I'll show you how you can become one!

When you first enter Star Planet, your star grade will be Beginning Newbie

There is a total of 12 different grades, including beginning newbie, that you can earn. To up-grade yourself, you must receive Star Points!

Check out this guide to help you understand the Star Grades and the rewards you get

[Main Rewards Preview]

Board Riding Example
You'll receive a special riding mount that can be used in Star Planet to easily maneuver yourself around here. To receive a boost, simply press your Jump key

Customization Example
Some grades will reward you with customization for Star Planet games. For example, you can receive a special icon for Yut Game

|· To grade up, you'll need to receive a specified amount of Star Points
· Once you receive a new star grade, check your Star Guide notifications to receive your rewards
· Star Grade rewards are a one time only. You will not be able to replace them.

3. Shining Star Benefits

On Thursdays at Midnight, a Shining Star is chosen!

You'll be given rewards to flaunt as a Shining Star

Check below

|· Every Thursday at Midnight a Shining Star is selected
· To be a Shining Star, you must be under 1 of the criterias
You can only be chosen for 1 even if you met both criterias
① Belong in the Top 100 Popularity Ranking
② Belong in the Top 5 of Game Ranking

3. Shining Star Activities

Star Planet has many exclusive activities to do that you can enjoy.

You can do Mini Games or Events any time you want to. You can play with friends or by yourself!

1.Star Planet Star Arena

In the Star Arena lies Mini Games available for your use, open all year long.

There is a total of 6 mini games and 2 ways that can be played

General Play : Paired up with random others who are queued as well.
You'll be qualified to be put on rankings, you'll earn Star Points and Mileage

Party Play : Paired up with only your party/
Able to receive a small amount of Star Points and Mileage. You will not be qualified for rankings.

There's a total of 6 games:
Speed! Rock, Paper, Scissors!: 1 person only. Play rock, paper, scissors against petite Zakum
Showdown! Typing Defense: 1 Person only. You must type what is shown in the screen fast otherwise if you don't, it's game over
Defend! Typing Defense: Up to 3 people. You're up against other people this time!
Star Yut Game: 2 people only. Play a game of Yut
Star One Card: Up to 4 people. Play a game similar to 'Uno'
Star Marvel: Play with 3 people. A game of "Maple Monopoly" essentially

|· To enter the Star Arena, either use the limousine or the entrance
You can use the elevator in the Central Plaza

2. Star Planet Central Plaza

Central Plaza! The place that holds a variety of attractions and where events are unfolded!
At the beginning of every hour, a special event is held that gives special rewards

Let's look at the stuff it has to offer

[Central Plaza 3 World Events]
These events are available from 12 AM to 10 PM, every hour.

Star Bingo: Play a round of Bingo with up to 100 different users
1vs100 Rock Paper Scissors: Join a huge game of Rock Paper Scissors with 100 other users. The more rounds you win, the more Star Points!
Star & Taking Pictures: Show your photography skills. Take a stunning picture of Ryan.D or Sierra Grace. The better picture you take, the more star points!

[Central Plaza Lottery]

Every 30 minutes you can find the Lottery NPC roaming the the Central Plaza. You can gamble away and hope you get Star Points! If you're a winner, you get a special Lucky Lucky Hat. Otherwise, you'll get star points in accordance to the result

[Central Plaza Shining Star Benefits]

If you're a Shining Star, find the NPC Elming. He'll be available for your use only as a Shining Star.
You can sit on the special stage for everyone to view you!

You'll be able to put messages on the billboards of Star Planet as well as change the background of it.

|· You can go up to the stage an unlimited number of times a day.
· You can set a bulletin board message every 10 minutes

3.Point Pub

In the bottom right of Central Plaza, you'll see a purple tent.
Here you can get a special buff once a day.

[A sense of Rising]
You'll be able to get more star points!
[Luck of ancestors]
Increase your chances of winning the lottery!.
[Ribbon Pig Dream]
Obtain more mileage from games!
[Failure is the mother of success]
Reverse what you got in the lottery and try again!
[Luck of Life]
Receive ALL 4 buffs!
[Autograph Request Flood]
You gain instant popularity! People all over will ask for your autograph. This will temporary boost your star points!
|· The buffs will be kept in place if you move maps or relog. These buffs will only disappear once the time runs out

4.Game Center

Join a few memorable games located to the right of Central Plaza
Play Go! Meso Ranger or Star Omok!

|· These games do not contain ranking
· You will not be able to obtain star points or mileage from these

5.Cafeteria & Luxury Hall

Why not take a break from all those events and games?
I recommend taking a seat at the Cafeteria!

Come check it out, it's located west of Central Plaza
You can also head to the Luxury Hall to try out different hot cash outfits

[Cafeteria Preview]

[Luxury Hall Preview]

4. More Star Planet Information

Let me tell you a few more things about Star Planet

You can collect Mileage from the mini games and events available!

Whenever you accumulate a good amount of star points, you'll be able to receive a 2x EXP buff. You can view this gauge by looking at your character window.
25% full: 15 min 2x EXP coupon
50% full: 30 min 2x EXP coupon
75% full: 45 min 2x EXP coupon
100% full: 1 hour 2x EXP coupon

You can limit the rankings to just your friends! Compete with them!

There are a variety of aesthetically pleasing sites to view all over Star Planet
Go with your friends to explore!