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    ver 1.2.221 - Black Heaven Patch Summary

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    • MapleStory BlockBuster : Black Heaven
    • ㄴTo Enter
    • ㄴAbout Act
    • ㄴAct 1, 2 Key Features
    • Skill balancing
    • Reorganization for Easy Use

    1. MapleStory Blockbuster: Black Heaven

    Black Wings' secret weapon is finally revealed bringing us one step closer to the story of Black Mage!

    Become a hero in the sky and join the Maple Alliance against Black Wings!

    1.To Enter

    Level Required : Lv.33 ~ Lv.250
    Entry Method : Enter the Maple Alliance conference by clicking the icon on the left side of your screen.
    → NPC Moko will be sitting at the building you'll need to enter

    Entry appearance

    Entry UI Preview
    You can choose which Act to enter

    |· As of September 30th, 2014, only Act 1 and 2 are available.
    · Clouds are obstructing the view to cover the next Acts.

    2.About Open Act

    You can experience the great story consisting of several Acts

    ACT 1. Black Wing's Secret
    Plot: The Cygnus guardians investigate the Black Wings group to find out their secrets.

    ACT 2. Go, Crystal Garden! (Lumiere)
    Plot:Black Heaven is the plot to destroy the Maple World.The fight against Black Heaven begins to protect the Maple World.

    3.Act 1, 2 Key Features

    Black Heaven Act contains many new elements such as puzzles, each with an interesting story.
    Here are a few main features of the acts!

    Monster hunting, entering passwords, avoiding obstacles, running games, puzzles are all spread out this Act!

    Consists of escaping monsters, avoiding obstacles and a boss battle

    · You'll receive honor points for completing parts of the Act

    2. Skill Balancing

    Skill balancing includes changes for 7 different jobs.

    • Dual Blader
      • Chains of Hell Chains of Hell: Added invincibility when using this skill. Has a cool down.
      • Blade Fury Blade Fury: Damage increased
      • Phantom Blow Phantom Blow: Damage increased
      • Final Cut Final Cut: Decreased movement when using it.

    • Viper/Buccaneer
      • Fist Enrage Fist Enrage: Damage increased
      • Ultra Charge Ultra Charge: Stance rate increased
      • Counter Attack Counter Attack: Probability and duration decreased. Damage increase effect increased. Added damage reduce effect.
      • Unity of Power Unity of Power: Maximum amount of stacking increased. Cool down reduced

    • Captain/Corsair
      • Headshot Headshot: Delay adjusted

    • Mercedes
      • Charge Drive Charge Drive: Delay adjusted. If simultaneously used with arrow key, it will bypass the knockback effect.
      • Strike Dual Shot Strike Dual Shot: Damage increased. Can be used with Wrath of Enreal
      • High Kick Demolition High Kick Demolition: Skill delay adjusted
      • Leaf Tornado Leaf Tornado: Damage increased. Below range decreased.
      • Unicorn Spike Unicorn Spike: Can be used with Wrath of Enreal
      • Gust Dive Gust Dive: Can be used with Wrath of Enreal
      • Legendary Spear Legendary Spear: Cannot be used in midair
      • Rolling Moonsault Rolling Moonsault: Below range increased. Now gives passive effect to increase High Kick Demolition's damage.
      • Lightning Edge Lightning Edge: Now gives passive effect to increase Gust Dive's damage. Can be used with Wrath of Enreal.
      • Advanced Strike Dual Shot Advanced Strike Dual Shot: Damage increased
      • Wrath of Enreal Wrath of Enreal: If you chain this skill with other skills, the cool time will be reduced.

    • Demon Avenger
      • Conversion Star Force Conversion Star Force: NEW SKILL. Gives you HP for the amount of Star Force equipped.
      • Demon Strike Demon Strike: No longer resets Exceed count.
      • Forbidden Contract Forbidden Contract: Now gives damage instead of HP. Cool down time reduced.

    • Demon Slayer
      • Demon Trace Demon Trace: Adjusted delay
      • Dark Thrust Dark Thrust: Adjusted delay
      • Devil Cry Devil Cry: If used continuously, the force cost increases
      • Demon Explosion Demon Explosion: Force cost decreased. Skill delay adjusted
      • Demon Impact Demon Impact: Damage increased
      • Metamorphosis - Enhance Metamorphosis - Enhance: Added indicator above the character to show when the skill will wear off.

    • Angelic Buster
      • Lyrical Cross Lyrical Cross: No longer increases accuracy. Gives attack speed and HP now.
      • Super Nova Super Nova: Now ignores damage reflect.
      • Soul Eject Soul Eject: Gives ignore damage reflect, boss damage, and Soul Seeker recharge rate instead of 100% recharge rate.

    3.Reorganization for easy use

    1.Star Planet changes

    Today we made some adjustments that should be convenient to users of Star Planet

    With so many people, it's hard to see NPCs! Not for long!
    Adjusted the amount of channels from 20 to 5 for easier connection.
    Location entry of Star Arena changed for convenience
    Improved cancelling in the beginning of Yut Game
    You'll be able to get your EXP buff coupon via quest as well.

    Adjusted the Star Point gauge for your ease
    Image below is before and after. As you can see, it will now show the numbers on the gauge.

    2.Some Reward Changes

    Killing bosses give Boss Medal of Honor now instead of regular Medal of Honors.
    Also adjusted some reward payout for Hekaton and as well as the store.
    Additionally, you'll be able to use Damage Skins for Zero now!

    [Hekaton Reward Change]

    Instead of receiving EXP from Hekaton, you'll receive a 1.5x EXP Buff Coupon
    Increased the amount of coins you get when Hekaton is defeated
    New items and prices on the Hekaton Coin Shop.

    [Applying Damage Skins change]

    Zero class is now able to use damage skins!

    [Medal of Honor Revamp]

    When defeating a boss, you'll receive a Boss Medal of Honor.
    A Boss Medal of Honor gives 20x honor exp than a regular Medal of Honor.
    Amount of medals given has been assigned depending on boss. The tougher the boss, the more medals.

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    I have no clue what's going on in this game anymore. If I was to come back I'd be so lost (Even if I was to play GMS)
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