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  • MapleStory blockbuster: Black Heaven
  • ㄴHow to Enter
  • ㄴAbout Acts
  • ㄴAct 3 Key Features
  • Star Planet Mini Game Changes
  • ㄴShowdown! Typing Defense Changes
  • ㄴStar Marble Changes
  • Maple Hands 2.0 Revamp

1. MapleStory blockbuster: Black Heaven

We get one step closer to the secret weapon of Black Wings!

1.How to Enter

Level Required :Lv.33 ~ Lv.250
Entry Method :
Enter the Maple Alliance conference by clicking the icon on the left side of your screen.
NPC Moko will be sitting at the building you'll need to enter

Entry appearance

Entry UI Preview
You can choose which Act to enter

|· As of October 16th, Act 3 is open.
Clouds are obstructing the view to cover the next Acts.

2.About Acts

You can experience the great story consisting of several Acts

As of October 16th, Act 3 is open!

3. Act 3 Key Features

Here are a few main features of the acts!

Includes hunting monsters in a thrilling new side scrolling flying shooting game

2. Star Planet Mini Games Changes

Two games have been revamped for your pleasure

1.Showdown! Typing Defense Changes

There is now a life gauge for each user
First place is given to the user with either the one who survived all rounds with the best score or the last one standing!

2.Star Marble Changes

Star Marble now contains voice guidance!

The characters window now contains how much monsters they have.
Hovering over a user's character box will have a shiny appearance on the monsters he currently owns.

You can see a text notice in the middle when a user activates an effect

Special spaces such as potion or bomb now will contain a window showing the effect

You can see a monster's information when hovering over it.

3. Maple Hands 2.0 Revamp

Get linked to the game even away from the PC with your phone!
With the 2.0 revamp, you are able to change with your friends easier.

Through the game, you can make a group chat with up to 6 people. This group chat can be used to talk through Maple Hands. You can chat with your friends offline.
You can talk to buddy chat, guild chat, and alliance chat as well.

Please check the more detailed instructions to come on October 16.