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    ver 1.2.223 - Resistance Revamp Patch Summary

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    • MapleStory Blockbuster : Black Heaven
    • ㄴEntering
    • ㄴAbout Acts
    • ㄴAct 3 Key Features
    • Resistance Job Revamp
    • ㄴBattle Mage Revamp
    • ㄴWild Hunter Revamp
    • ㄴMechanic Revamp

    1. MapleStory Blockbuster: Black Heaven

    Now released, another act of the story!

    1.How to Enter

    Level Required :Lv.33 ~ Lv.250
    Entry Method : Enter the Maple Alliance conference by clicking the icon on the left side of your screen.
    → NPC Moko will be sitting at the building you'll need to enter

    Entry Appearance

    Entry UI Preview
    You can choose which Act to enter

    |· As of October 30th, Act 4 is open
    Clouds are obstructing the view to cover the next Acts.

    2.오픈 Act 소개

    You can experience the great story consisting of several Acts

    As of October 30th, Act 4 is open!

    3.Act 4 Key Features

    Here are a few main features of act 4!

    Monster battling, avoiding surveillance, password cracking, and an even more suspenseful running game than Act 1!

    2. Resistance Job Revamp

    1.Creating Resistance

    Resistance are back and new!

    Existing Resistance can experience the all new revamp skills and look while new Resistance maplers can start from the beginning!

    Resistance got 2 new hair and eyes per gender!

    |· As of October 30th, you can choose between Male or Female.

    2.Resistance Revamp Features

    Each job has received several skill revamps
    : Battle Mage's close combat fighting concept has been strengthened
    Wild Hunter can switch between mounting on the jaguar or fighting alongside
    Mechanic can effectively attack when boarding the metal armor.

    Added New Resistance Beginner Skills
    : Resistance has received one new beginner skill, allowing them to quickly teleport to the Secret Plaza

    [Secret Plaza Emergency Gathering]
    Quickly Teleport to the Resistance HQ Secret Plaza

    1.Battle Mage Revamp

    • Battle Mage
      • 1st Job
        • Triple Blow Triple Blow: Attack three times consecutively quickly to multiple enemies.
        • Teleport Ver 2 Teleport Ver 2: Press the skill with an arrow key to move that direction quickly. Can be used in mid-air
        • Death Death: Use black magic to summon a reaper. The reaper will collect souls; the more souls the reaper gets, the higher it's attack is. The amount of damage is proportional to your level and will ignore DEF.
        • Art of Staff Art of Staff: Polish your technique with the staff.
        • Yellow Aura Yellow Aura: Increase the speed and attack speed of you and your party members. Using another aura will cancel this. Can be used again to turn off aura. Additionally increases speed, max speed, jump, and attack speed permanently.

      • 2nd Job
        • Quad Blow Quad Blow: Attack four times consecutively quickly to multiple enemies.
        • Dark Chain Dark Chain: Dark chains emerge, pulling enemies in front of you toward you. Enemies will be stunned as they are hit.
        • Staff Booster Staff Booster: Use MP to raise the attack speed of your staff temporarily
        • Staff Mastery Staff Mastery: Increase your mastery of the staff and raise your magic attack and critical chance.
        • High Wisdom High Wisdom: Increase your INT permanently.
        • Ordinary Conversion Ordinary Conversion: Drastically increase your MaxHP
        • Drain Aura Drain Aura: Surround you and your party members with a red aura. The aura has the ability to absorb some damage to HP. Can restore up to 10% of the player's HP. Using another aura will cancel this. Additionally gives permanent effect of recovering your MaxHP every time a soul is successfully taken.
        • Death Contract Death Contract: Strengthen the contract with the reaper.

      • 3rd Job
        • Death Blow Death Blow: Attack five times consecutively quickly to multiple enemies.
        • Blue Aura Blue Aura: Increase the resistance and damage absorption to you and your party members. Using another aura will cancel this. Permanently increase resistance, defense, and damage absorption.
        • Battle Spurt Battle Spurt: Rush forward, pushing enemies along with you. Can be linked with Finish Blow. Permanently increase Dark Chain's damage.
        • Dark Lightning Dark Lightning: Attack enemies with black lightning to carve a black mark on enemies.
        • Death Contract II Death Contract II: Strengthen the contract with the reaper.
        • Stance Stance: Increase your stance chance
        • [skill2]Nerve Stimulation:[/B] Combine the techniques of Resistance and Black Magic to enhance your reaction rate
        • Battle Mastery Battle Mastery: Increase damage and critical damage permanently.

      • 4th Job
        • [skill2]Finish Blow:[/B] Attack six times consecutively quickly to multiple enemies and a chance to stun.
        • Dark Genesis Dark Genesis: Use lightning of death to attack up to 15 enemies along with stunning them. Has a cooldown. Permanently increase damage on Dark Chain, Battle Spurt, and Dark Lightning.
        • Shelter Shelter: Provide a protective shield to you and your party. Users will not take damage inside the shield.
        • Maple Warrior Maple Warrior
        • Hero's Will Hero's Will
        • Battle Rage Battle Rage: Concentrate on a single enemy. For a period of time, dramatically increase your damage on that enemy. Permanently increases your max HP and MP. This buff cannot be cancelled.
        • Staff Expert Staff Expert: Increase your magic attack and minimum and maximum critical damage.
        • Dark Aura Dark Aura: Improve the damage of you and your members with a dark aura. Using another aura will cancel this. Permanently increases your attack.
        • Debuff Aura Debuff Aura: Emit a sinister aura to the enemy, reducing their defense. Using another aura will cancel this. The debuff applied to enemies will wear off after some time and applied again soon after.
        • Death Contract III Death Contract III: Strengthen the contract with the reaper.
        • Spell Boost Spell Boost: Use special tools to amplify your magic.

      • Hyper Skills
        • Dark Genesis - Cooltime Reduce Dark Genesis - Cooltime Reduce: Reduce cooldown
        • Dark Genesis - Reinforce Dark Genesis - Reinforce: Increase Dark Genesis' damage
        • Dark Genesis - Additional Reinforce Dark Genesis - Additional Reinforce: Increase the attack of Dark Genesis on a single enemy.
        • [skill2]Dark Aura - Boss Killer:[/B] Adds effect of increasing boss damage.
        • Debuff Aura - Elemental Reset Debuff Aura - Elemental Reset: Adds effect of decreasing enemie's resistance
        • Blue Aura - Dispel Magic Blue Aura - Dispel Magic: Adds effect of dispelling you and your parties debuffs at intervals of time.
        • Shelter - Cooltime Reduce Shelter - Cooltime Reduce: Reduce cooldown
        • Shelter - Persist Shelter - Persist: Increase duration
        • Shelter - Enhance Shelter - Enhance: Reduce the damage on fixed damage attacks on shelter
        • Battleking Bar Battleking Bar: Summon a bar to hit enemies in front of you.
        • For Liberty For Liberty
        • Battle Master Battle Master: Become a master of combat and enhance the contract with you and the reaper.

    1.Wild Hunter Revamp

    • Wild Hunter

      • 1st Job
        • Double Shot Double Shot: Fire two arrows quickly. If you're on the jaguar, the jaguar will use it's turrets as well.
        • Jaguar Riding Jaguar Riding: Summon a jaguar to ride. Your speed and stance rate is increased on the jaguar. Permanently increase your max speed.
        • Summon Jaguar Summon Jaguar: Summon a jaguar to attack with you. The Jaguar will attack with skills marked with [Jaguar Skill]
        • Claw Cut Claw Cut: [Jaguar Skill] The jaguar with claw enemies in front of you. This ignores damage reflection.
        • Provoke Provoke: [Jaguar Skill] The jaguar provokes enemies to come and attack you.
        • Triple Jump Triple Jump: You can jump 2 more times while riding your Jaguar. If you are not riding your jaguar, you can jump 1 more time.
        • Automatic Shooting Device Automatic Shooting Device: Combine the technologies of Resistance to your crossbow to strengthen it.
        • Nature's Wrath Nature's Wrath: Channel your anger of the wild
        • Jaguar Management Jaguar Management: Allow you to manage the jaguars you captured from the Jaguar habitat. Certain Jaguars have different stat bonuses.

      • 2nd Job
        • Triple Shot Triple Shot: Fire three arrows fast. If you're on the jaguar, the jaguar will use it's turrets as well.
        • Crossroad Crossroad: [Jaguar Skill] The jaguar will rush forward, pushing monsters. Ignores damage reflect.
        • Howling Howling: The jaguar's howl increases you and your party members' attack.
        • Crossbow Booster Crossbow Booster: Use MP to raise the speed of your crossbow for a period of time.
        • Soul Arrow - Crossbow Soul Arrow - Crossbow: Increase your attack and receive the ability of using unlimited arrows for a period of time.
        • Final Attack Final Attack: Chance to apply an extra attack after attacking. It will only trigger when using the crossbow.
        • Physical Training Physical Training: Permanently increase your STR and DEX
        • Jaguar Mastery Jaguar Mastery: Permanently increase max HP and stance chance

      • 3rd Job
        • Wild Shot Wild Shot: Fire five arrows at a faster speed. If you're on the jaguar, the jaguar will use it's turrets as well.
        • Sonic Boom Sonic Boom: [Jaguar Skill] The jaguar's roar causes a strong shock wave dealing damage to multiple enemies. Ignores damage reflect.
        • Assistant Hunting Unit Assistant Hunting Unit: Use the technology of Resistance to use an auxiliary unit, helping you attack. Ignores damage reflect.
        • Beast Form Beast Form: Increase your attack and attack speed for a period of time. This buff cannot be debuffed. Permanently increases your Max HP
        • Flurry Flurry: Increase your dodge probability. If successfully dodged an attack, your attacks will become critical for 1 second.
        • White Heat Rush White Heat Rush: The jaguar will jump forward pushing enemies and do some damage.
        • Drawback Drawback: Can only be used when riding the Jaguar. You will not be knockbacked but however, you cannot change direction you are facing. Permanently decrease damage taken.
        • Jaguar Link Jaguar Link: By taming your jaguars more, your stats increase on the Jaguar. Permanently increase your attack.

      • 4th Job
        • Wild Vulcan Wild Vulcan: Shoot up an storm of arrows. This key can be held to continuously attack. If you're on the jaguar, the jaguar will use it's turrets as well.
        • Jaguar Soul Jaguar Soul: [Jaguar Skill] The soul of the jaguar will bind the enemy. Ignores damage reflect.
        • Drill Container Drill Container: Use the technology of Resistance to station a unit that launches a drill. Ignores damage reflect.
        • Sharp Eyes Sharp Eyes
        • Extend Magazine Extend Magazine: Use a special Resistance magazine to shoot more powerful arrows.
        • Crossbow Expert Crossbow Expert: Increase the mastery of the crossbow, attack, and minimum critical damage.
        • Maple Warrior Maple Warrior
        • Hero's Will Hero's Will
        • Wild Instinct Wild Instinct: Increase your DEF and ignore DEF on monsters
        • Advanced Final Attack Advanced Final Attack: Permanently increase the damage and probability on Final Attack. Additionally increases your attack.
        • Force of Nature Force of Nature: Feel the power of nature to protect yourself.

      • Hyper Skills
        • Beast Form - Reinforce Beast Form - Reinforce: Increase attack on Beast Form
        • Beast Form - Extra Heart Points Beast Form - Extra Heart Points: Increase Beast Form's HP boost
        • Beast Form - Rapid Attack Beast Form - Rapid Attack: Increase attack speed
        • Summon Jaguar - Enhance Summon Jaguar - Enhance: Increase your damage on monsters bleeding
        • Summon Jaguar - Reinforce Summon Jaguar - Reinforce: Increase damage on all jaguar skills
        • Summon Jaguar - Cooltime Reduce Summon Jaguar - Cooltime Reduce: Decrease the cooldown on Claw Cut, Crossroads, and Sonic Boom
        • Wild Vulcan - Reinforce Wild Vulcan - Reinforce: Increase damage of Wild Vulcan
        • Wild Vulcan - Ignore Guard Wild Vulcan - Ignore Guard: Add the effect of ignoring defense on Wild Vulcan
        • Wild Vulcan - Boss Killer Wild Vulcan - Boss Killer: Add the effect of doing more damage to bosses with Wild Vulcan
        • Flash Rain Flash Rain: Use the technology of Resistance. Can only be used when riding Jaguar. If the Jaguar is summoned instead, Rampage As One is replaced and will share cooldown.
        • Rampage As One Rampage As One: [Jaguar Skill] The jaguar will unleash a huge rampage. Can only be used if Jaguar is summoned. If the Jaguar is mounted, Flash Rain is replaced and will share cooldown.
        • For Liberty For Liberty
        • Silent Rampage Silent Rampage: Envelopes you in the silent power of the hunter.

    1. Mechanic Revamp

    • Mechanic
      • Beginner Skills
        • Hidden Piece Hidden Piece: The hidden feature of the metal armor is permanently enabled. Allows you to chance appearance.
        • Mechanic Dash Mechanic Dash: Press the arrow key twice quickly to dash that direction.

      • 1st Job
        • Metal Armor - Human Metal Armor - Human: Summon and ride the mechnical mount. Increase HP, MP, speed, attack speed, and jump significantly. Your stance rate will be 100%. Use this key to mount on and off.
        • Gatling Shot Gatling Shot: Attack multiple enemies in front of you with a gatling gun.
        • Drill Rush Drill Rush: Use the drill to move forward and push enemies in front of you.
        • Rocket Booster Rocket Booster: High jump with the use of momentum and the rocket. This will attack any enemies nearby the spot you landed.

      • [skill2]2nd Job[/B]
        • Advanced Gatling Shot Advanced Gatling Shot: Enhance the Gating Shot, attacking more enemies and more times.
        • Homing Missile Homing Missile: Launches multiple homing missile attacks.
        • Open Gate - GX-9 Open Gate - GX-9: Install an Open Gate GX-9. You can install two different gates at different places in the map. You and party members can use these to navigate through one gate to another.
        • Mechanic Booster Mechanic Booster: Increase your attack speed for a period of time.
        • Perfect Armor Perfect Armor: Add two new abilities to your armor
        • Robo Launcher - M7 Robo Launcher - M7: Station a M7 launcher that will attack nearby enemies.
        • Mechanic Mastery Mechanic Mastery: Permanently increase your mastery, attack, and critical chance.
        • Physical Training Physical Training: Permanently increase your STR and DEX

      • 3rd Job
        • Metal Armor - Tank Metal Armor - Tank: Summon the metal armor tank and mount it. Using this key can allow you to mount and dismount. Can be used while using <Metal Armor: Human> to transform.
        • Massive Fire - SPLASH Massive Fire - SPLASH: <Metal Armor: Human> Launch fire to attack multiple enemies.
        • Massive Fire - IRON Massive Fire - IRON: <Metal Armor: Tank> Shoot concentrated armor-piercing rounds to enemies.
        • Rocket Punch Rocket Punch: Launches a fist that hits multiple enemies, possibly stunning them.
        • Support Waver - H-EX Support Waver - H-EX: Summon the support robot <H-EX>. The robot will heal you and your party members and decrease the defense of enemies. Once the robot's time is up, it will explode. Permanently increase your resistance.
        • Over Tuning Over Tuning: Significantly overclocks your Mech's servo-timing to provide a massive temporary boost to Attack power.
        • Lucky Dice Lucky Dice: Test your luck! Roll a dice to get a random Buff. Roll a 1 and you get nothing.
        • Magnetic Field Magnetic Field: Installs up to 3 <Magnetic Fields> to continuously attack and possibly stun enemies. They self-destruct when they run out of power.
        • Advanced Homing Missile Advanced Homing Missile: Enhance the Homing Missile
        • Mechanic Defense System Mechanic Defense System: Combine the technology of Resistance to your metal armor. Increases your resistance.
        • Battle Program Setup Battle Program Setup: Increase movement speed. Rocket Booster and Mechanic Dash's effects will also increase.

      • 4th Job
        • Massive Fire - SPLASH-F Massive Fire - SPLASH-F: <Metal Armor: Human> The fire becomes more dispersed. You can move while using this.
        • Massive Fire - IRON-B Massive Fire - IRON-B: <Metal Armor: Tank> Strike enemies with even more enhanced concentrated armor-piercing rounds, exploding once hit.
        • War Machine - Titan War Machine - Titan: Summons giant robot Titan to attack all nearby enemies. An activation gauge pops up when this robot is summoned, and damage can be charged and amplified (up to two times the base amount) by hitting the regular attack key. Permanently decreases damage taken.
        • Support Waver Enhancement Support Waver Enhancement: Upgrade support waver R-EX.
        • Robo Factory - RM1 Robo Factory - RM1: Installs a robot factory that summons toy robots. Summoned robots detect nearby enemies and triggers a self-destruct function. The factory itself also self-destructs after a certain period of time.
        • Maple Warrior Maple Warrior
        • Hero's Will Hero's Will
        • Homing Missile System Research Homing Missile System Research: Increase the amount of homing missiles you can use. Homing Missile's skill delay is decreased.
        • Metal Armor Extreme Metal Armor Extreme: Further enhances the ATT, DEF, Max HP, Max MP, and Weapon Mastery of your Mech.
        • Robot Mastery Robot Mastery: Increases the ATT, self-destruct damage, and summon duration of all summoned robots.
        • Double Lucky Dice Double Lucky Dice: Try your luck! Roll two dice, and if both have the same number, you'll receive a very powerful buff:
        • Metal Armor Alloy Research Metal Armor Alloy Research: Permanently increase dodge probability. If you unsuccessfully dodge, your damage taken will be reduced.

      • Hyper Skills
        • Magnetic Field - Reinforce Magnetic Field - Reinforce: Increase damage of Magnetic Field
        • Magnetic Field - Persist Magnetic Field - Persist: Increase duration of Magnetic Field
        • Magnetic Field - Cooltime Reduce Magnetic Field - Cooltime Reduce: Reduce the cooldown of Magnetic Field
        • Support Waver - H-EX - Reinforce Support Waver - H-EX - Reinforce: Increase the explosion damage of H-EX
        • Support Waver - H-EX - Party Reinforce Support Waver - H-EX - Party Reinforce: H-EX gains the effect of increasing you and your party members damage
        • Support Waver - H-EX - Persist Support Waver - H-EX - Persist: Increase duration of H-Ex
        • Massive Fire - Reinforce Massive Fire - Reinforce: Increase SPLASH-F and IRON-B's damage
        • Massive Fire - Extra Target Massive Fire - Extra Target: Increase number of monsters hit with SPLASH-F
        • Massive Fire - Bonus Attack Massive Fire - Bonus Attack: Increase number of hits with IRON-B
        • Distortion Field Distortion Field: Detonates a special Resistance bomb to create a distortion field.
        • For Liberty For Liberty
        • Bomber Time Bomber Time: Dramatically increase Homing Missile's system.

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