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    ver. 1.2.225 - Black Heaven Final Chapter & New Boss, Suu

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    1 Maple Story Blockbuster : Black Heaven!

    1. How to Enter

    Click on the Black Heaven icon on the left side of your screen

    Level Requirement : Level 33 - Level 250
    How to Enter : Click on the Black Heaven icon on the left side of your screen to get into Union Conference map
    → Click on the NPC Moco to start the quest.

    Image reference

    Black Heaven Map
    Click on the Act you would like to enter.


    2. About Act 5 & 6

    3. Act 5 & 6 Highlights

    Several new features and game elements are included in Act 5 & 6.

    Maze System, Variety of Configurations such as Circuit Puzzles et

    Meet Gelimer

    2 New Boss : Suu

    1. Entry Requirement

    Entry Level : Level 190 - Level 250
    How to Enter : Use the Boss UI and go to Suu's page to register yourself to the queue
    → You'll be sent to the entrance
    Entry Limit : Once per day , If you defeated the boss, you'll have to wait for a week

    2. Suu's Skill Preview

    There are 3 Phases in the Boss run [Core] - [General Suu] - [Runaway Suu]
    Phase 1 is the Core. Right after you defeated the Core, you'll encounter General Suu & Runaway Suu. They have powerful combat skills


    4-Way Rotating Lasers : The rotating direction & speed will change periodically


    Flying Monsters : Random monsters will spawn at 4 random places.

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