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Event Duration: Now ~ October 16th

Happens every day after 6 PM. Invitations are sent out X:15 and X:45
You'll be grouped randomly with 2-6 people.
The works in a ranking/competitive type style. The person in the map with the highest score gets more Ssamzies. Regardless of your rank, you'll still get 1 Moon Bunny Coin

Essentially, mice will start coming down, invading the warehouse. It is your job to kill them. However, you'll be mounted on a sniping machine. You must aim to hit the raining mice with your arrows. You can purchase tougher arrows however, they cost you points.
Power Shot 1st Upgrade: 100 Points
Power Shot 2nd Upgrade: 200 Points
Power Shop 3rd Upgrade: 500 Points

Different mice give different points. There are 4 types of mice.