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    1.2.510 - Shining Star

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    The update on the live server has been pushed back to August 28th

    1. Shining Star Content added
      • Shining Star contains an area named Star Planet that is for all users to gather and play mini games and enjoy events
      • Anyone above level 33 can use it
      • You can move to Star Planet by clicking on the "STAR PLANET" button on the bottom
      • You can return to the Maple world by clicking on "MAPLE" button on the bottom
    2. Star Points and Star Grade added
      • All new users start off with the grade "Beginning Newbie" upon entering Star Planet
      • You can obtain star points by doing mini games or world events
      • You'll acquire a new star grade by the amount of star points you have
      • Each star grade will have benefits in the planet. You can check the list by the NPC 'Aming" of the benefits available.
      • Star Grading Type is as follows
        • Beginning Newbie
        • Rising Newbie
        • Prime Newbie
        • New Talent
        • Fresh Talent
        • Junior Talent
        • Senior Talent
        • Master Talent
        • Prime Talent
        • Beginning Star
        • Rising Star
        • Flying Star
      • You must keep doing Shining Star contests in order keep your star points for a star grade
      • For testing purposes, KMST will have an increase of star points by 15-20%
    3. Shining Star Contests added
      • Shining Star in Star Planet best celebrity spotlight
      • The selection process goes throughout the day
      • Shining Star contests entries are below
        • STAR POINT ranking
        • Winning Streak! Rock Paper Scissors ranking
        • Typing Defense ranking
        • Showdown Typing Defense ranking
        • Star One Card Ranking
        • Star Marble Ranking
        • Star Yut Game Ranking
      • Everyday at midnight the Shining Star contest will be closed and select a winner by ranking
      • Shining Star selection criteria is as follows
        • STAR POINT ranking top 20
        • Top 3 ranking for each mini game
      • Those who are selected as Shining Star will be select on midnight. They'll be able to enjoy Shining Star the following day
      • The selection criteria is currently changed in KMST for testing purposes
    4. Star Planet mini games have been added
      • There are 6 mini games in Star Planet
      • The mini games and style are as follows
        • Winning! Rock Paper Scissors: Game of testing your judgement/luck. Single player
        • Typing Defense: Game of typing to prevent moon bunnies from reaching the end. Single player
        • Showdown Typing Defense: Compete with others by typing. Up to 3 players
        • Star One Card: Tactical Card Game. Up to 4 players
        • Star Marble: Strategy Dice Board Game. Up to 3 players
        • Star Yut Game: Folk Strategy Game. Up to 2 players
      • General play mechanics: You will go up against a random opponent. Star Points and Mileage can be obtained. You will also be registered for contests.
        • Party play mechanics: You will go up against your party. Star Point and Mileage will not be obtained. You will not be registered for contests
    5. Shining Star Candidate Characters added
      • You may only have one character in your Maple ID that can hold to be a Shining Star candidate
      • You can create a candidate by clicking on the 'Shining Star Create' button in the character selection window
      • You can also enjoy playing as a candidate in the Maple World
    6. You can enjoy a variety of content in Star Planet
      • By entering the central square, you will get a random buff
      • There is also a raffle NPC that will roam around. You can obtain a variety of rewards
      • The cafeteria is located on the west side of Star Planet. There you can order a beverage and sit and chat
    7. You can obtain EXP coupons from Star Planet
      • Whenever you obtain Star Points, your EXP buff gauge will fill also
      • You can view the gauge in the 'My Info' window
      • Once a day, you can fill up the EXP buff gauge
      • You can use at the very least 25% of the filled buff gauge
      • Depending on how filled your gauge is, you'll get one of the following buff:
        • Star Planet EXP Coupon
        • Good Star Planet EXP Coupon
        • Excellent Star Planet EXP Coupon
        • Superior Star Planet EXP Coupon
      • The duration depends on the coupon. All coupons give 2x EXP
    8. The following content is not available for the time being in the test server
      • World Unified PQ
      • Hekaton
      • Boss Arena
    1. Star Planet Star Grade rewards added
      • Riding: You can only obtain these riding mount rewards through Star Planet. You can use these in the Maple World
        • New Talent: New Board
        • Fresh Talent: Fresh Board
        • Junior Talent: Junior Board
        • Senior Talent: Senior Board
        • Master Talent: Master Board
        • Prime Talent: Prime Board
        • Beginning Star: Beginning Convertible
        • Rising Star: Rising Sports Car
        • Flying Star: Flying Sports Car
      • Title: Can only be obtained through Star Planet
        • Beginning Star
        • Rising Star
        • Flying Star
    2. Shining Star only rewards added
      • Pets: Petite Ryan & Petite Sierra
      • Max Dyeing coupons
      • Riding: Shining Balloon
      • Title: Shining Star
    3. Shining Star items only added
      • Bingo King Hat
      • Lucky Lucky Hat
      • Kemdi Ride
    4. Shining Star EXP coupons added
    1. Star Planet maps added
      • Entry Lobby
      • West Coast
      • East Coast
      • Central Coast
      • Central Square
      • West Square
      • East Square
      • Game Entry
      • Game Station 1st floor
      • Game Station 2nd floor
      • Cash Experience Hall
    1. Star Planet related NPCs added
    1. Star Planet Guide added to quests
    1. World Events for Star Planet added



    In-game pics and more to come once Midnight Ban is up.
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    Looks like Kms is making another patch didnt they just make a patch a couple weeks giving star force

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kyronj94 View Post
    Looks like Kms is making another patch didnt they just make a patch a couple weeks giving star force
    Maple Coordinator's Party: The 2014 Summer Updates

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    the 2 characters were just for this..... STAR SHIT! I thought it would be a new class!
    Well Nexon you guys just dug your own grave. But i guess the update isn't 2 bad
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    Oh Hi There ;)



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