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  1. Showdown! Typing Defense has been updated
    • The 3 players now have stamina
    • Each player starts with 100
    • You can locate each person's stamina below the monster
    • If you reach 0 stamina, you cannot participate in that game round anymore.
    • If two or more players hit 0 stamina, the game is over.

  2. Star Marvel has been updated
    • You now can get voice guidance and help
    • You can now identify who owns which monsters with a light border on it
    • Instead of the amount of stars being displayed, it'll display how much monsters you have.
    • You can check all the details of the monster when hovering over the square.
    • A "?" Square has been added in the board. Gives various effects.

  3. Added penalties for not playing mini games
    • If a user takes no action after 3 turns, he/she will be instantly kicked

  1. Added Halloween Action Skills
    • Halloween Left Dance
    • Halloween In-Place Dance
    • Halloween Right Dance

  1. Added a new feature for Maple Chat
    • Gives you the ability to chat to chat groups created via the regular chat method.
    • This eliminates the use of having to have the Chat window open.
    • You can talk to up to 6 different users

Some more Black Heaven stuff was added