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    ver 1.2.479 Archer Revamp , Auction House & Skill Changes


    1. Adventurers: Warrior, Mage and Archer have been reorganized.

    - Archer quest re-enabled so that you can job advance.

    - Adventurer basic appearance has been added.

    - Dual Blade characters can now choose basic appearance when created.

    - Dual Blade character hair color is now possible.

    - Dual Blade character being awarded at creation with basic equipment has changed.


    2. New theme dungeon for level 50 Liena Of the Strait was added.

    - Rien Snow Island: Penguins at the harbor entrance through the NPC Puro.

    - Rien: Lilin the NPC's quest is over.


    3. Competitive content Ariant Colosseum is re-opened

    - level 50 - level 80

    - Accessible up to 10 times a day

    - The existing entry methods have been modified. In Quest Alert <speculative to apply competition!> If you accept the quest 2-6 people are queued in the waiting room

    - Or talk to Party Quest NPC Cesar on the map and be registered in a new queue

    - How to progress in the game has been improved. The way of the previous action bar has been reorganized. Now it is quick and excludes the inconvenience of having to register slots separately.

    4. Autopilot to use the riding area has been expanded.

    - El Nath mountains is now accessible.

    - Rien, Ereve is now accessible


    5. Monster life content has been added.

    - New monsters have been added.

    - New achievements have been added.

    - Windows, Monster lists and monster library are now able to move with the mouse wheel.


    6. Auction house content has been added.

    - Lease auction at the entrance of the free market are available through Rich Egg NPC.

    - The current auction details functional testing into the development of a non-auction to check the server status temporarily

    *****Content has been left open.

    - Details of the item using combo boxes, etc. May not be smooth.

    - The actions of trading and auctions may not be smooth.

    - Unimplemented UI issue.

    - Filter memory, initialization, sorting, scrolling features are currently not available.

    - The average cost feature is not available.


    7. Bosses with new modes have been added.

    - Magnus the easy mode has been opened.

    - Level 90+ 1-6 person party.

    - Can clear 2 times in a 7 day-span (does not count towards normal and hard clear count)

    Battle Mage
    • First Job
    • Triple Blow Triple Blow : Damage increased
    • Teleport Teleport : Maximum level decreased
    • NEW Art of Staff : Polish your moves with your staff
    • The Finisher The Finisher : Removed

      Second Job
    • Quad Blow Quad Blow : Damage increased
    • Blood Drain Maximum level decreased

      Third Job
    • Quintuple Blow Quintuple Blow : Damage increased
    • Body Boost Body Boost : Maximum level decreased, duration increased.

      Fourth Job
    • Finishing Blow Finishing Blow : Damage increased , Ignore monster defense and boss damage effect added.
    • Party Shield Party Shield : Cooldown decreased.
    • Battle Rage Battle Rage : Cooldown removed, skill buff = ON/OFF effect
    • Advanced Dark Aura Advanced Dark Aura : Maximum level decreased
    • Advanced Yellow Aura Advanced Yellow Aura : Maximum level decreased
    • Advanced Blue Aura Advanced Blue Aura : Maximum level decreased
    • NEW Art of StaffStaff Expert : Increase Staff's mastery, M.ATK, and minimum critical damage

      Hyper Skill
    • NEW Battle Master : Become the master of the battle.
    • Union Aura Union Aura : Removed
    Fourth Job
    • Ishtar's Ring Ishtar's Ring : Can be used while moving
    • Lightning Edge Lightning Edge : For 10 seconds when using Lightning edge, the boss will be debuffed, allowing Ishtar's Ring to do 20% more damage
    • Defense Break Defense Break : Critical Damage increased to 30% , 15% Boss Damage effect added
    • The link between basic attack, double swing and triple swing has been changed.
    • Drain Combo Drain Combo & Combo Barrier Combo Barrier has been changed to active skill, commands not required

    8th Growth
    • Onyx Shroud Onyx Shroud : Added passive resistance to status effects
    Hyper Skill
    • Summon Onyx Dragon : Duration increased . cooldown decreased , your resistance increased when summoned.


    First Job
    • Arrow Blow Arrow Blow : Damage increased, reanimated.
    • Archer Mastery Archer Mastery : Doesnt consume arrows passive effect , if the arrow has enhanced features (+damage and the like) it wont consume the arrow but use it's enhancements
    • Double Shot Double Shot : Removed
    • NEW Double Jump : You can jump upwards/ downwards, arrow key x2 to determine the direction.

    • NEW Bowmaster Special Series Skill :
      Depending on the situation, your arrows can change to vampire arrows, poison arrows, quiver filled arrows, and magical arrows, it can create infinite quiver arrows .
      If you exhaust all arrows, in rapid-fire like skills, you do not need to recreate all the arrows .
      Type of arrow and number will be displayed as an icon on the top right
    • Arrow Bomb Arrow Bomb : Range increased, reanimated
    • Soul Arrow Soul Arrow : Effect to increase damage has been added, reanimated.
    • NEW Short Retreat : Step back to launch the new skill
    • Ranger
    • Roasting Shot Roasting Shot : Damage increased, number of attacks increased , flames are more inclined to reach the rear
    • HurricaneHurricane : Moved to 3rd job, reanimated , existing Hyper Skills have been applied to it.
    • Phoenix Phoenix :Reanimated , existing Spirit Link : Phoenix Magical/Physical passive effect added.
    • Concentrate Concentrate : Passive effect Resistance added.
    • NEW Extreme Archery : Physical/ Magical Defense decreased while attack increased , ON/OFF skill
    • NEW Strike Aizen : Fire a hook to the enemy, knocking them out to the end of the other side. Additionally increases maxHP.
    • StrafeStrafe : Removed
    • Puppet Puppet : Removed
    • Drain Arrow Drain Arrow :Removed
    • Arrow Rain Arrow Rain : Removed

    • Bowmaster
    • Illusion Step Illusion Step : Reduce damage taken
    • Elite PuppetElite Puppet : Removed , skill effect moved to Illusion step
    • NEW Arrow Platter : Hold down the key to fire the arrow, use the direction keys to change the direction of arrows.
    • NEW Hounds Shot : Shoot an arrow and inflict wounds that decrease effectiveness of healing.
    • NEWFrozen Block Counter Arrow : Gather multiple arrows and release everything in 1 go.

    • NEWArmor Pierce : Your attacks have a chance to ignore enemy's defense
    • NEW Advanced Quiver : Chances of Drain Arrows to drain more HP, poison arrow deals more damage , magic arrow shoots another arrow
    • Marksman
    • Piercing Arrow Piercing Arrow: charging is no longer needed for the skill, damage is increased and the effect is renewed.
    • NEW! Illusion Step: this replaces the Puppet. Pulls the enemies to itself, dealing damage and reflecting damage it receives.
    • Illusion Step Illusion Step: Elite Puppet now has damage absorption effect.
    • NEW! Additional Bolt: All attack skills that have 2 or more hits receives one more hit line, and increases the effect of Distancing Sense
    • NEW! Weakness Finding: Defense ignore increases further away from the enemy you are.
    • NEW! Last Man Standing: When attacking one enemy, damage is increased.
    • Marksmanship Marksmanship: skill moved to 3rd job.
    • Spirit Link -  Freezer Spirit Link - Freezer: Total damage increase effect is moved to Marksmanship, Physical/Magic defense increase is moved to Freezer, and max HP increase effect is moved to Strike Aizen. Status resistance increase effect is replaced with Pain Killer's passive skill, and the skill is deleted.
    • Ultimate Strafe Ultimate Strafe: The skill is deleted along with Strafe skill.
    • Iron Body Iron Body : Reduce damage taken effect added
    • NEW Warrior Mastery : HP Boost
    • Combo Force :Chance to increase combo count when attacking boss
    • Rage Rage : Damage absorb effect increased
    • Final Attack Final Attack : Reanimated
    • Intrepid Slash Intrepid Slash : Number of targets increased
    • Rush Rush : MP consumption decreased
    • Panic Panic : Cooldown decreased
    • Combo Synergy : Chance to gain a combo count when attacked by monsters.
    • Raging Blow : Damage, range and maximum number of targets increased , last 2 hits will be critical.
    • Inseizing : Combo count consumption decreased , number of attacks increased, damage lowered , buff duration increased.
    • Advanced Combo Attack Advanced Combo Attack : Much more significant
    • Advanced Final Attack Advanced Final Attack : Reanimated

    • Elemental Charge : Effect of total damage increased per charge removed, Healing effect,resistance & damage hit reduction per charge added?
    • Page Order : Monster stun effect fixed
    White Knight

    • Shield Mastery Shield Mastery : Defense and Status resistance has been increased, chance of stun while guarding added.
    • Rush Rush : MP Consumption decreased.
    • Achilles Achilles : Damage taken reduced
    • Parashock Guard :
    • Blast Blast :Number of hits decreased. total damage increased, critical & ignore monster defense effect added when you have all 5 element charges
    • Advanced Charge Advanced Charge : Damage increase per charge effect added.


    • Beholder : Cooldown decreased
    • Rush Rush : MP consumption lowered
    • Beholder's Buff : Damaged increased, critical effect added
    Dark Knight
    • Gungenil Decent : Attack speed improved , cooldown decreased , ignore monster defense effect added.
    • Dark ImpaleDark Impale : Damage increased, number of targets increased , ignore defense of monster effect removed
    • Sacrifice Sacrifice : Boss Damage effect added
    • Reincarnation : Cooldown reduced, ignore monster defense effect added
    • Magic Guard Magic Guard
    • Teleport Teleport : MP consumption reduced to fit the MP of first job.
    Fire/Poison Wizard
    • Flame Arrow Flame Arrow : MP consumption decreased , damage & number of attacks adjusted
    • Poison Breath Poison Breath : MP consumption decreased
    Fire/Posion Mage
    • Explosion Explosion : Damage and number of attacks has been adjusted.
    • Poison Mist Poison Mist : Damage increased , DoT increased
    • Elemental Adapting : Cooldown reduced , MP consumption decreased , max number of shields increased
    Fire/Poison Arch Mage
    • Meteor Meteor : Cooldown increased
    • Mist Eruption Mist Eruption : Flame Haze cooldown reset if u hit something with this skill
    • Paralyze Paralyze : Damage increased . paralyzed monsters changes color.
    • Flame Haze : Number of Attacks & damage adjusted , cooldown reduced
    Ice/Lightning Wizard
    • Cold Beam Cold Beam : Damage increased
    • Thunder Bolt Thunderbolt : Damage increased
    Ice/Lightning Mage
    • Ice Strike Ice Strike : Damage increased
    • Glacier Chain Glacier Chain : Number of attacks & damage adjusted
    • Thunderstorm : Attack interval reduced , number of monsters decreased
    • Elemental Adapting : Cooldown reduced, duration increased
    Ice/Lightning Arch Mage
    • Chain Lightning Chain Lightning : Attack speed & number of attacks increased , damage decreased
    • Freezing Breath : Cooldown increase, maximum keydown time increased
    • Frozen Orb : Damage increased, speed decreased
    Hyper Skill
    Glacial Chain - Cooldown Reduce changed to Glacial Chain - Critical Rate

    • Holy Arrow Holy Arrow : Attack speed increased
    • Shining Ray Shining Ray : Number of attacks & damage increased
    • Dispel Dispel
    • Divine Protection : Cooldown increased, passive effect reduced
    • Holy Fountain :
    • Angel Ray Angel Ray : Attack Speed increased, damage decreased
    • Genesis Genesis : Number of attacks adjusted , damage decreased
    • Big Bang Big Bang : Damage and range increased, can be used while jumping
    Hyper Skill
    Advanced Bless - Enhance changed to Advanced Bless - Boss Killer

    • Hero's will can be used during Transfiguration mode

    • Fixed a bug in regards to Sunfire/Eclipse
    • Black Blessing: Orbs now stay even if you hit in Equilibrium. Damage reduction effect works on damage reflected damages as well. Will not be reduced if monster's attacking skill ignores damage & avoid of your character is 100%
    • Equiilibrium: When attacking enemies with damage reflection, you also get 1 damage.
    • Anti Magic Shell: The shell will disappear if you are affected with seduce, undead, stun, and transform. The shell will not disappear for darkness or curse, and you will be affected by those. Additionally, the shell now disappears only if your status resistance could not resist the status effect.
    • When Ordinary Magic Guard and Bless of Darkness's damage reduction is in effect together, Bless of Darkness's damage reduction will be a priority before Ordinary Magic Guard's.
    Xenon Skill Changes:[*]All versions of Multi-Lateral's All Stat Bonus now has +HP/MP except VI.[*]Incline Power, Linear Perspective, OOParts Code: Compared to other classes, Xenon receives a rather large buff from these skills in terms of stat points. the passive +All Stat effects on these skills has been removed. However, Dual Breed Defensive's effect is maintained.[*]Minority Support: The all stat bonus for this skill has been doubled

    @KremeChoco I didn't do Marksman, Luminous & Xenon yet.
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Message: Happy Holidays! :)Celebrate!
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    sorry delete this comment:c
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Message: Happy Holidays! :)Celebrate!
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    AND STILL...
    Nothing that touches the Phantoms.
    Though, I'm glad to see they finally did something for the explorer-archers.
    Can't wait to see the new animations and skills.
    There's already a vid for the revamp (Marksmen)
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    They don't ruin BaM again. If they will change Mechanic more. This Job will get the least change..... I think......
    That's ok.......
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    Nexon hates blaze wizards </3 (#WhereDidTheCygnusRevampGo?)
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    Really hope they did Paladins justice with this update. Last patch screwed us over big time.

    They moved the legendary Hurricane to 3rd job? Quite a bold move. Lets hope they made an even cooler 4th job skill and bring the Bowmaster class back into the spotlight.

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    Really? no one noticed? =P EASY MAGNUS TIME NINJAS >=DDDDDDD
    I used to be lolwut1313 until I took a change to my name.

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Message: gooby pls
u no niceCelebrate!
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    Yay, Hero got buffed :D
    I wanna see how many of these skills Phantom is gonna be able to steal.

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    Decent buff for Mercs

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    oh mercedes can use isthar freely? also what does critical damage increased to 30% means? +30% crit i dont think so.. +30% max crit?
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