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    Kritika Online - Gaming Review!

    After playing Kritika for a while, I can say for the most part I enjoyed it a lot. The game play was fun, it was challenging at times, I experienced very little lag (Surprisingly), and most of all, I didn’t get lost in what to do.
    The overall challenge for playing foreign games is that you most likely don’t understand what to do. Fortunately, Kritika is a very easy game to understand, and doesn’t break your head trying to understand what to do and where to go.

    Job Information
    The one thing you notice about the classes straight away is that it’s gender locked. Despite that, the classes are still fun to play.

    The chart above shows the three jobs, and one of the three advancements they can take. I myself played the rogue, and then job advanced into the Cat Acrobat at level 15, which is the level for job advancement.
    Game play, Skills, and Content
    Leveling in this game is very quick until the later levels. You can easily level once every two-three quests, and the dungeons themselves don’t pose that big of a problem.
    Now, quests are very easy to understand, once you accept a quest, it’ll point you off in the direction, and have a nice little symbol on the level you need to go. Not only do quests give a very nice amount of exp, but they come at you quickly. Finishing quests are simple enough as well, just take a quick look at the map for the exclamation mark and you’re all set to go. A nicer thing to notice is that they provide you an arrow where to go after you finish each area level, so no getting lost!
    Here’s an example of the Dungeon selection screen:

    Notice there’s a red list icon on the dungeon with the yellow outline, which means there’s a quest. The box on the bottom right indicates the difficulty from 1-4.
    The skills in game are well designed, and some of them can be linked! Some skills can be ‘mastered’ and you can bring out the full combo of that move, or you can execute even more damage by linking it to a whole new skill completely! Although the majority of skills have cool downs, you get more than enough skills to make up for that.
    You are graded on dungeons on multiple factors, and you can get a rank up to SS(I think). Factors used to grade you are Time, Score, Combo, Deaths, and monsters killed. Of course, there’s also a MVP every dungeon, and if you went solo, you’ll always be the MVP, yaaaay!

    Go me!
    Money and Equipments are dropped quite often, so you won’t ever be short on either.
    Minor problems
    While I didn’t play enough to get to a high enough level, I can say that bossing is fairly simple at the beginning, then it gets challenging. Although personally, it gets pretty ridiculous how the bosses level 20 up forgo the flinch animation, making it much harder to get a nice combo on them. As a Cat Acrobat, bossing was at least somewhat manageable with the amount of skills I had that made me invincible while casted. Not to mention they did a very large amount of damage and can be casted from a distance.
    The one big irk I noticed while playing though, was the fact that Kritika had implemented the Fatigue System. For those who don’t know, the Fatigue System is essentially a restriction on how long you can play. In this instance, you can only go into dungeons until the bar is depleted, then you are unable to enter any dungeon until it resets, which is at 6 AM KST. In my case, the fatigue system would reset at 2 PM PST, and in New York, the fatigue system would reset at 5 PM. That’s a pretty good time for those in the PST time zone, as chances are, you’d be in school until after 2, what a nice way to come home to~
    A quick sidenote, a person can easily get to level 17 before the Fatigue bar runs out, so that should give you a rough estimate on how much you can play.

    You lose 1 fatigue point for every sector you go in, so if you go into a dungeon with 6 parts, or sectors, you’ll lose 6 fatigue points, as I did.
    There is indeed a PVP system in this game, but unfortunately, I never got around to trying it out.
    Another thing about this game I don’t really like is the fact that there is what I call “Hidden and Locked” items. Hidden items have additional effects on the item, but without the specific scroll, you can’t reveal it. Locked items are items that cannot be equipped without using the key for it. Sometimes, you’ll even get an item which are both hidden and locked, requiring more effort to use. The items needed to reveal and unlock the items aren’t rare to get, but aren’t exactly common either. They can be gained as a quest reward, or bought using a specific type of currency.

    Here’s the Hidden, Locked, and both.

    Here’s the scroll and key to the respective items
    Another thing about this game I don’t really like is the fact that there is a durability system on items, meaning you can only use the equipped items until the durability reaches 0%. Fortunately, it’s very easy to repair, and doesn’t require that much money, and you won’t be repairing as often until the higher levels.
    Graphics, Stability, and others
    Kritika is pretty flexible to how you want your screen size, sound quality, and any other details. Allowing a windows mode made me personally happy. I was one who never really listened to the in game music and really only listened to my own personal stash of music. I can say though that some of the town BGMs get really tiring to listen to after a while. While playing though, I’ve notice a few places in town maps had walk through walls, this one for example, led me to two bunnies huddling next to each other (Aw~). From the looks of the building and inside, I’d like to put in my two cents and say a Pet shop or something relative could be implemented. The NPCs in towns do have hearable Korean dialogue, which is a nice touch really, but kind of pointless if you don’t understand it.


    Some towns have some bonus places that don’t serve much but for fun, like this tree!
    All in All
    This game has it’s good perks, with a few road bumps, but it’s not enough to really stop you from playing. Fatigue aside, Kritika will provide that spark of excitement while you play with its nicely done game play. I would definitely give this game a try and would recommend to others. Grab a few friends, and some music, then sit back and enjoy the game!


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