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    Pre S2 Class Guide.

    Have you ever played Latale before? Have you tried every class in Latale, but you can't choose which class to main? Well, here's a guide for you!
    You have your five classes here:
    First, Warrior. Warrior is a damaged based class with hardly any MP (Mana Points). This class is like the Hero in Maplestory.
    But don't get too cocky while fighting mobs because this class could also die easily if you don't have good gear. This classes main stat is strength
    Theres two main weapon branches when picking warrior. Sword and Spear. The misc. weapon branch I don't suggest using is the knuckle

    When you finally hit 80, you'll be given two class selections. Blader and Warlord.
    Blader is this fast attacking class that basically needs good latency. You use your normal attacks (Weak/Hard attack) to fight through your adventure.
    Blader uses buffs to make their attacks stronger. It also uses combo-like skills to continue your attacks. Overall, I recommend Blader if you have
    high latency. - The Global Broadband Speed Test Test your ping to Lost Angeles, California.

    Warlord is almost the same as the regular warrior, but it has more advanced attacks and doesnt have the knuckle skill options. As you level further
    with Warlord, you will unlock the advanced skills of the regular skills. (Blue skill to Purple Skills) These advanced skills are stronger and more flashier.
    I recommend Warlord if you liked regular warrior.
    TIP: Choose one skill branch. Sword or spear.
    Moving on to Magician. Like in every game, there has to be a mage class. In Latale, mages have 4 elements. You could become hybrid or just choose
    one element. Magicians use staves and daggers. To produce elemental skills you need an elemental stone.
    The elements that Latale's mages hold are; Water, Wind, Fire and Earth. Water is this moderate attacking element. Water element could
    also be used to heal yourself or others around you. Wind is this fast attacking element. Ranging from 1-4 attacks per skill. Fire is this slow attacking element.
    This element is slow because it's the hard-hitter. Earth is moderately fast and long ranged.

    When you finally hit level 80, theres two class branches to pick. Sorcerer and Bard.
    Sorcerer is almost identical to magician except it doesnt heal. It's basically the buffed versions of magicians. The weapons you could use for this class are;
    staves and orbs. I recommend this class if you like fighting with elements.

    Bard is the most obsessed class in this game. This class could heal and heal only. The weapon you use for this class is a guitar. This guitar makes a melodies that
    could either attack your enemies or buff/heal your team mate. Overall, I recommend this class if you like supporting.
    Explorer is a class that uses daggers, crossbows and bows to attack. Dagger is fast attacking close ranged weapon, crossbows are slow attacking long ranged weapon
    and bows are fast attacking long ranged weapon. The pros and cons of this class is quite simple. The faster you attack the weaker your attacks will be and the slower
    you attack the stronger your attacks are.

    Theres two different class selections when you hit 80. Theres Gunslinger and Treasure hunter. Treasure Hunters are explorer's buffed up version. They get all of the same weapons and all of the same skills plus the advanced versions of them. This class is well known for it's high item drop rate. So basically you can call this class the "money making class".

    Gunslinger is the fast attacking class which only has one weapon which is guns. This class' mobility and attack speed is incredibly fast making it's damage dip down. It's hp isnt as high
    either. But if you have good funding, you could make this class OP because it's known for it's reliability on critical damage and it's critical rate.
    Knight. Every MMO has to have a class that wears a suit of armor! This class uses one handed swords, one handed maces, and knuckles. This class is known mainly by it's high defence.
    It's the tank for this game. This classes main stat is stamina which increases your character's HP and defence.

    Like majority of the classes in this game, this class has two different class selections when you hit level 80. Knights could either become Templar or guardian.
    Templars are basically the upgraded version of a knight, but you can not use knuckles. You have advanced attacks which are stronger than the regular ones; purple is stronger than blue.
    You also have the ability to self heal yourself while in battle or somewhere else. This class has a huge amount of HP and defence, but this also means that this class doesnt hit very high.
    But if you're afraid of dying and losing 3% exp, I recommend this class because it's durable.

    Guardians are knuckle based class. Their one and only weapon is the knuckles. This class has a lot of skills, I've never really payed attention to the skills to this class, but knowing it's gameplay, it has 12+ skills. This class has a large amount of HP but lacks the defence to actually start tanking. You may find yourself dying a lot because you might be too used to knight's defence. If you're the kind of person who gets bored easily because of the lack of skills other class may carry, this class is great for you.
    Lastly, Engineer. This classes stats are all equally the same, making it great for stat resets. This class uses turrets and it's tool box to attack. Theres nothing really to say about this class because it only has 4 attacking skills and turrets. Engineer only has ONE class selection. When you hit 80
    you could become a Meister. This class uses a robot: which is called an MG. It uses this MG to attack your opponents. Don't worry, this class is cool-looking, because the MG is a mount. This class is underrated because it's like blader. Uses combo to extend it's attacks. Even though this class has a few attack skills, it's basically latency thats holding you back to play this class. Overall, this class is great if you have low ping.

    P.S. If you see any mistakes, please notify me.
    EDIT: Sorry I don't have pictures or anything. I don't own any video content to show these classes.
    But it's easy to find Latale class content if you search it up on youtube.
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