Chief Bandit, Dual blade, phantom, Night lord skill compare by MPS( million per seconds)
by MapleStorySEAXll.

Well it seems as if there is a lot of confusion between which skill does more damage with a max range

I am here to solve this confusion xD

Which thief is the best with unlimited funding or max damage every attack?

Read to find out (TLDR version at the bottom )

Btw this is millions per second not hits per second with max funding

Mps= Millions per second

Phantom Blow
The delay for Phantom blow is 630ms. 1000/630= How many times it casts itself in a second. 1000/630= 1.58 Now it casts itself 1.58 times each second. 1.58 x 6 = How many times it hits per second without Mirror image. 1.58 x 6 = 9.52 Mirror image basically does 70% more damage. If u do cap. It does 699999 Therefore u must multiply 9.52 by 1.7 to figure out how many times it hits per second with mirror image's Cap 9.52 x 1.7= 16.19 So we now know it basically hits 16.2 times per second with the Mi cap =D

Well since this is a max funding thread we can assume the person has a 999k range. So with toxic venom they will be hitting 1.6mil. Since it stacks 3 times, 1.6x3= 4.8

16.19 + 4.8 = 20.99

Well at max funding we now know that Phantom Blow deals a total of 20.99mps

Btw phantom blow is explained most cause I just copied and pasted of my old thread

Midnight Carnival
The delay for MC is 780ms. 1000/780= 1.28

1.28 x 8 =10.25

17.43 x 1.7= 17.43

17.43 + 4.8 = 22.23mps

But mc loses 0.7 because mc is caped at 15 hits per attack

8x2(mirror image)= 16

16 is greater than 15 and that 1 hit is mirror image (0.7 not a full million)

22.23 - 0.7 = 21.53

Midnight Carnvial does have more damage per second at a max range than Phantom Blow.

Quad Throw
The delay for quad throw is 600ms. 1000/600= 1.67

1.67 x 4 = 6.67

6.67 x 1.7 = 11.33

11.33 + 4.8 = 16.13

Night lords do a total of 16.13mps with max range

Mille Aiguilles
This is with a 100% crit rate

The delay of Milles is 180ms. 1000/180=5.56

5.56 x 2 = 11.11

Now we add 5.56 to 11.11 because of phantoms afa which activates once every time miles is used

5.56 + 11.11 = 16.67

So phantoms hit 16.67mps with a max range .

Rapid Fire
Rapid fire does the exact same amount of mps but since miles mobs its better

Here is proof

The delay of rapid fire is 120ms every attack. 1000/120= How many times it hits per second without Carte noire 1000/120= 8.33 It hits 8.33 times without Carte noire With carte noire (100% crit rate) we simply double it 8.33 x 2= 16.66

16.66mps is the same as miles damage.

Read this thread

The results
I was to lazy to explain all the reasoning behind the above

But I showed u all my math

Here are the results

Shadower are 1st place with 21.54mps!

Dualblades are 2nd with 20.99mps! It is much easier to hit cap with dbs but this is with unlimited funding

Phantoms are 3rd with 16.67mps (Rapid Fire and Milles)

Nightlords are 4th with 16.13mps

With Decent C/O
The list is the same but all Explorer thieves do more damage

Shadowers are 1st place with 21.68mps!

2nd are Dualblades with 21.14mps!

3rd are Phantoms with 16.667mps! (Rapid Fire and Milles)

4th are Nightlords with 16.28mps!

Btw it increases there mps cause of Toxic Venom not the skill its self (except for Phantoms)

With the real Paladin C/O
That was with decent C/O. Wth c/o from a Paladin here is the list

1st are Shadowers with 23.53mps!

2nd are Dualblades with 22.99mps!

3rd are Nightlords with 18.13mps!

4th are Phantoms with 16.67mps! (Rapid Fire and Milles)

Btw it increases there mps cause of Toxic Venom not the skill its self (except for Phantoms)

Shadowers are the best thieves with max range


Please point out any mistakes.

Im 12 so dont expect me to have everything right

Edit: I made many mistakes and most I have corrected. Thank you for your feedback everyone

Edit: I rounded it all. Enjoy

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