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    Dimension Invade Guide

    *Yes, I know Kreme has posted about this ages ago. I will be going into the details.

    As you know, KMS has released a new PQ called Dimension Invade, or simply DIPQ. It is somehow similar to the Evolving System.
    Requirements: Level 140 or higher.
    Clear limit per day: 10 times.
    Party members: 1-6 (Yes, you can solo. But it's highly recommended you go with at least 2 people)
    How To Enter
    At level 140, you will receive a quest from Idea (이데아) with the tag [디멘션 인베이드].
    She will tell you to meet Pitas (피타스).

    Enter the map through the Dimensional Mirror. The icon looks like this:

    Find Pitas and complete all the quests. After talking to him, choose the first option to enter. You will need to be in a party.

    You have 1 hour to complete all the stages.
    You will also be shown a bar.

    This bar tells you how many monsters have invaded. If the bar turns red:

    You lose the PQ and monsters have invaded Pantheon.
    1st Stage
    Monsters will spawn from the centre of the map.

    There will be a few waves of monsters so keep your potions ready. Kill all the monsters.
    After a few waves, you will get bonus EXP.

    2nd Stage
    A wooden horse (giant Trojan) will summon on the left of the map.

    Kill the Trojan.
    The Trojan can knock you back and summon monsters (same as the ones in the 1st stage), and while there are monsters, it will remain invulnerable, meaning you can't attack it.
    After killing it, you will receive bonus EXP as well.

    3rd Stage
    Portals like this will appear on certain points on the map.

    These are the gates that the monsters enter through to invade.
    They are summoned on the floor and on the upper left platform on the map.
    Monsters like this will appear at these portals.

    Like the first stage, there will be a few waves of monsters coming at you.
    They could come from every portal, either from the upper left platform or on the floor, or both.
    Your job is to kill them all.
    This is why a party is highly recommended to enter because at this stage, the bar gets red very fast. You will need 1 on the platform and 1 on the floor to hold off those forces. Unless you are VERY VERY mobile, do not attempt this PQ as this stage can make your run end fast.
    On the last wave, monsters will summon from every portal and the bar gets almost full. Make sure that your party members have good mobbing skills as this can end your run.

    4th Stage (I didn't upload pictures because I can barely pass the 3rd stage by myself.)
    This is the tricky stage. Monsters will drop bombs all over the map and it ignores Magic Guard, usually it's a one-hit KO.

    Your only strategy is to move quickly, avoid those bombs and climb to the higher platform. Wait until the monsters have disappeared.

    After they have disappeared, flying monsters will fly all over the map.

    Your job is to kill all those monsters. Like in stage 3, these monsters have a high spawn rate, so your bar will become red easily. Make sure you or your party members have a good mobbing skill.

    After you have killed all the monsters, bonus EXP will be given.

    5th Stage
    Ah, the final stage. Now, a statue will appear in the centre of the map. Your job is to kill it.
    Sounds easy, eh?
    There's a catch. The statue summons invulnerable mobs which can't be attacked, and yes, they increase the bar. So, unless you can hit max damage per hit, go with a party, finish off the statue before it can summon more mobs.
    After killing the boss, you can now kill the monsters.
    Monsters will spawn for 30 seconds. Kill them all!
    After you have killed all the monsters, bonus EXP and a box will be given.
    These are the rewards from the box:

    [Pots, Pantheon Glove Pieces, Enhancement/Potential Scrolls, Mystery Mastery books, 30%/70% Glove for Attack scrolls]

    Now, I will explain what to do with those glove pieces.
    When getting a glove piece, there are 4 types of glove pieces needed to create the actual glove.

    The UI shown is only appeared when you have a piece of a glove. It can help you show the pieces you got.
    On the left is the normal Pantheon Glove. On the right is the Advanced Pantheon Glove. Advanced gloves have their own pieces.

    [Defense Participation] Clear Dimension Invade more than 10 times.
    All Stats +5
    Weapon Att. +2
    Magic Att. +2

    [Mastery of Defense] Clear Dimension Invade 100 times
    All Stats +7
    Weapon Att. +4
    Magic Att. +4

    Bonus Stage (Thanks to Kreme for providing this. I never actually finished fast enough to reach the bonus stage)
    Oh, well done! You have finished all the stages. Wait, what? A bonus stage? You've gotta be kidding me!
    Yes, if you finish all the stages in a certain amount of time, there will be bonus stages for you.

    Bonus Stage 1: Hilla's Pet
    Hilla's Dark Soul pet will be summoned.

    Kill it quickly to get prizes.

    [Pots, Recipes, Advanced Pantheon Glove Pieces, Nova Equipment]
    공격력 = Weapon Att.
    마력 = Magic Att.

    [Hilla's Majesty] Clear Bonus Stage 1
    Weapon Att: +1
    Magic Att. +1
    Accuracy +60
    When equipped, your charm will increase by 100.

    Bonus Stage 2: Hilla vs. Magnus!
    Hilla and Magnus have summoned both their minions. Defeat all the monsters for rewards!

    [Pots, Shadow Trader coins (You can trade these coins at Helisium for equips), Necro weapons and Helisium equips]

    [Fall Apart Across The River] Clear Bonus Stage 2
    MaxHP/MaxMP: +300
    Weapon/Magic Defense: +150

    Bonus Stage 3: Magnus' Forces!
    Magnus has summoned his minions. Killing them gives you lots of EXP!
    No rewards for this stage.

    [Magnus' Majesty] Clear Bonus Stage 3
    Weapon Att.: +1
    Magic Att.: +1
    Avoidability: +60
    When equipped, your willpower will increase by 100.
    When you have cleared all stages, a special medal will be given.
    [Through Hell Combat] Clear all stages
    All Stats: +7
    Weapon/Magic Att.: +3
    When equipped, your charisma will increase by 100.
    Thanks to Kremechoco for the bonus stages and rewards. I personally cannot make it through stage 3 by myself (Come on, I'm level 150).
    More info:
    @Lone for some details I missed.

    THE END!
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    Very detailed, the pictures help a lot, thank you! :)

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    @Chong, 2 things
    1) in stage 4 the mobs are not on brooms, they have wings and fly using them, what you presume are brooms are actually spears.

    2)Stage 5 is not hard, the tower has very low hp, (it can survive one of my snipes ~700k per hit). And after it dies mobs spawn for around 30 seconds.

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    thanks for this amazing guide!
    i will use it for sure



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