Hello Fellow MS 2 Lovers,
After much anticipation to hold back from starting a pre-made guild for MS2, I could not resist. Let me introduce you all to the guild, Eterna. Eterna will be a respected guild that helps others, are active MS2 players, and strive to be the winner in all PvP and mini-games.
When MS2 hits open beta, I will be streaming content on my twitch stream (twitch.tv/biddum) to help spread the MS 2 love. When the actual game comes out, my stream will be dedicated to MS2 (I am new to streaming so right now I just play random Nintendo games).
Some plans for Eterna:
Recruit active players that are willing to help out one another and strangers
Focus on completing party quests/leveling together
Learn to master the mini-games and host PvP duels
Strive to be the top guild in MS 2!
What we can do now:
Build an online community (maybe a subreddit and irc chat?)
Find dedicated members willing to hold "office/leadership" positions for the guild
Create a guild logo/emblem
Discuss MS2!!!!
Any thoughts, comments, or concerns on Eterna? You can join today by applying to Eterna, because if you are reading this you are probably already on top of the MS2 news.
Spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets...it?usp=sharing
EDIT: guild is intended for NA version only, I will be streaming the KS version to help spread the love though
EDIT2: Want to help out the guild? We are looking for help in modifying our logo/emblem. Here is a sketch idea but my graphic art skills is no where near great. Imgur

Guild site:Eterna