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    Maplestory 2 Combat

    I want to know what you guys think about the new combat system.

    You can't really spam pots anymore, so you can't stand there and take all the damage.
    It seems like ranged classes have an advantage because they're less likely to be hit.
    Seems like they're goal is to attack, and run away.

    There isn't the same knockback system as in Maplestory 1.
    Enemies take you damage and keep advancing forward.
    They're even smart enough to jump quest their way to you if they can.

    I left out a lot of combat features. Feel free to add them to the thread.
    What do you guys like/dislike?

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    Something else I want to bring up is the loot system for the World Bosses.
    After the boss is defeated, it lies on the ground,
    and anyone can hit its nearly dead body so loot drops.

    Maybe I have a bad mind, but the first thing I thought of was laying back until the boss dies,
    then attacking its dead body to get all the loot.
    Of course, I wouldn't get any XP.

    You could do the same thing to Mini-Bosses,
    but you have to hit them at least once.
    Mini-Bosses die immediately after their HP reaches zero, and a few drops are dished out,
    Everyone who damaged it gets loot.

    I like how this isn't exactly a problem, because everyone gets their own loot.
    Nobody has to worry about who's going to pick what,
    like in those Zakum runs, if anybody remembers those.

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    I've also noticed how the combat isn't exactly "noob friendly".
    If you don't know what you're doing, chances are you'll be easily overrun by the small mob hordes,
    or get 2-3 hits from a boss and die.
    It definitely is not the same from Maplestory 1.
    If you didn't get 1-shot in Maplestory 1, you would spam pots until you were back to full hp.

    You really have to pay attention and dodge attacks.
    Nobody's invincible in Maplestory 2.



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