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Hello everyone, GM Jacky here.

I have come bringing some good news to you.

We are adding more supporters!

MapleStory 2 Supporters are

Widely known users who want to share feedback and communicate on the development stage of the game. We take in ideas brought in and consider them.

Supporters are recruited back in May, 4 times.

We did not anticipate having 5 months of supporters, to which some supporters ended up becoming more busy and couldn't be part of it anymore.

Additionally, in September during Alpha Testing, some supporters did not meet their requirements of the game. We thought "If we gathered more people that felt they had more ideas, we could better MapleStory 2." So we decided to recruit more supporters.

If you are interested, existing supporters or ones wishing to be a supporter, please apply with the survey. We will only select those who shown an interest by promotional activities, many opinions, and/or reporting feedback during Alpha testing.

Your help will be great as we prepare for a larger test in the future.
We require that your Nexon ID has all contact information filled out.

As always, thank you once again.
If you are not picked for supporters this time, do not worry.
We will see you again and bring more good news.

Do note the application and such is for those currently living in Korea.