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Is everyone doing well?
It's been 10 days since Alpha Testing ended~

We have been analyzing the results submitting from testing and have been busy making MapleStory 2 better ^^

We were quite impressed with the reviews left.
I am going to take this opportunity to show you one review.

We had a surprise event with the user '비둘기'
MapleStory2 - GM Warrick's Surprise Event?!

Thanks for the vivid description of the Final Survivor event.

We're looking forward for other testers to post their review this week~

We're also like to introduce some gaming articles written about MapleStory 2

Game Insight's
Game Chosun's
This Is Game's

Many of you are waiting for the next test.
We also want to meet you again but keep in mind that we're working hard!

Please wait a little bit more ^^

Well see you~