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    Funniest things that have happend to you?

    Mine would be

    This girl in my class, she's always quiet and sits by herself. She's a bit nerdy looking, and doesnt show up at college for days and then she will come like 2hrs late to class. Anyway for the first time the other day she sat between me and my friend Molly.

    We had this crazy teacher who would show a projection of like 5 paragraphs, tell us to write it down then literally like a second later change to the next projection. So this weird girl (Sarah) put up her hand and asked the teacher to please go back so we could write down the projection.

    She got nervous as she spoke (cuz wer all scared of this teacher) and she stuttered her words and then started laughing. The teacher firmly told her to stop laughing but i duno its like she had the giggles and cldnt stop. She picked up her water bottle to have a drink and choked on the water. She started coughing and gagging and laughing and now the whole class is looking at her, my friend and i We're trying not to laugh, i got up and put my paper in the bin to try and distract myself, meanwhile this girl is coughing and choking more on her water and as i turned around to walk back to my desk she dribbled all the water over her book and i started laughing soooo much.

    I swear what is the luck? of all times i couldve looked at her, it was when she dribbled all this water. The teacher lost it and screamed at her to move, and wen she picked up her boook to take it with her all this dribble fell off it.

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    dude, im pretty sure she came to school high.

    Funnies thing is when i have a massive crash on my bike and somehow dont get hurt at all. Stand up covered in dirt after ive gorn sliding across the ground for ages and just laugh at how fun it was.
    anyone whoes had the same thing happen will know what im talking about
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    i would have to say is. I was at a casual party with my friends. We all got so bored that me and 2 of my other really close friends went out side and started talking. Then my friends just randomly went on their parents cars and started jumping, then the cherry on top was they pulled down there pants went in the middle of the road and started running and dancing. I swear to god I was dieing



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