Once there was a little boy named Bjorn. He lived with his little old grandma in a small cottage outside of the village. Everyday, Bjorn would walk to the field to guard the sheep from the trolls. He hated going to that field everyday, because it was so boring and lonesome.

One day while he was walking to the field, Bjorn thought, I wonder what people would do if I cried "TROLL".

So Bjorn ran towards the village screaming,"Troll, troll! There is a troll in the field and he's eating up the sheep!"

So all the towns people ran to the field, only to find that there were no trolls only a field filled with sheep. Bjorn laughed and laughed. He thought it was the funniest thing on earth, watching those people run up to the hill and find no trolls.

Bjorn thought that was great fun, but the fun didn't last for long. Bjorn's grandmother scolded him and told him never to lie to people again. "You should be thankful that people came up here to help you." Grandmother scolded, "Someday, you will understand what a good thing it is to have friends who trust you!"

But Bjorn didn't learn. The next day, Bjorn was bored so he thought maybe I should get the towns people to come up here again! That would be fun, and I don't mind a scolding.

So Bjorn yelled," TROLL,TROLL" and the people came and started looking for the troll. The towns people were mad at Bjorn and they said that he should not lie.

While watching the sheep, a troll came and grabbed Bjorn. Bjorn yelled "TROLL,TROLL" and no one came to help and the troll gobbled up the young boy.

The moral of this story is that you should not lie and if you do beware because a troll may come and gobble you up.