The study of the process required to make 66k a year.

What is an Enologist?:
The first Enologist, the creator of Enology, is Mr. Eno. He developed this particular study one day while parousing his class and watching all of the failures.
These failures had no hope, of ever, ever obtaining a job, maybe WalMart or McDonalds, but nothing 'satisfactory'. It was then that he decided that he needed to help these kids, and Enology was born.

Obviously it is better to be in a job that you hate, and make 66k a year, than to be in a job that you hate and make 20k a year. Enology teaches us this and tries to push us in this direction. He works very hard at no reward of his own.
The students get:
9 College Credits
6 Professional Certifications

The purpose of this area of study is to avoid having to partake in such activities as

-"Can I super-size that for you?"
- Stacking kitty litter at WalMart
- Not getting a job due to weight or 'fish'iness

Despite Mr. Eno's virtuous attempts to get these kids lives on track, at least one student a year still goes to prison. But all is not lost! Next year, because of the kind soul Mr. Eno is, his class will become completely available online! Allowing him to extend the reaches of Enology through the prison walls and to his students again.

-The only good technology is Enology.
-"WTF? This doesn't make any sense!" That's because its Enology!
-"No gaming! Wait, is that Diablo III?"
-"Can I watch a movie?" "No movies allowed, unless on a USB." "I have one on a USB." "I said no movies."
-"Doucette! No games!" *Watches Branden play games entire period, is entertained