so if pie is 3.14 that would mean that pie is not truly pie but is 2x the amount of pie times pie squared but the pie isnt the pie so that would mean the pie isnt 2x squared but in fact 3x squared by the pie and for the pie. But the pie is not pie + pie - PIe because pie is pie, but pie isnt pie because pie is only pie and nothing but pie and if pie is pie that would mean their is no pie, but in fact that their is pie that would mean pie isn't actually pie, so pie isnt pie, it iss in fact a diffrent pie, but that pie isnt properly squared but is in fact and enourmas amount of pie that was dropped from college for a being a pie, which now pie gets no education cause pie is pie, now pie is a hobo pie that is living on the streets of pie who then got hired bye a pie which made pie!

and that concludes my theory on how humans came to be.