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    Poetry/Short Story

    Well, I wrote some poetry and part of a short story. I'm nowhere near done with the short story, but I'll post it anyways. I might update this with some more stuff as time goes by if people like my writing. Anyways, enjoy. @Nick

    The Darkness

    The darkness of the room illuminated the man's heart, allowing him to finally see the truth. He no longer had the need to fear what had been lurking in his mind for so long now, for he finally understood everything. The darkness showed him what everything meant, and allowed him to reveal the darkness of his very own, to finally achieve his goal. He would finally become what he had feared; yet dreamed of at the same time, the Dark Lord. He would forever be an immortal, the most feared creature of them all, but at the same time as him becoming this, the darkness destroyed his very soul.

    I’m Watching You

    I’m watching you. You feel the bitter coldness of my breath, creeping up the back of your neck, the hairs of your back rising to an end. You see the shadows of my arms, slowly wrapping around you. You feel my ice-cold hands grappling on, and beginning to twist with an unknown force. You hear only of the crack of your very own neck, your body going limp beside me. I’m watching you.

    Bravery Against the Lord of Death and Darkness

    I am the lord of darkness and death, a god amongst the immortals, the most feared creature of them all, unable to perish. I have the power of a thousand gods, and am able to destroy anything in my way. At a single thought, I could turn you to dust, at another, to ash. At the snap of my fingers, I could summon a horde of rats to devour you to the bone. Yet, you stand here before me, a disgrace amongst mortals, weak and powerless under the might of my abilities. You stand in front of me, fearless, wielding only but a blade, with no powers of your own. You fear not for yourself, you defend not for yourself, but for the people who have sent you here, to the pit of hell itself, to your certain demise. For this reason, I let you go, unharmed in any manner. Now flee, flee to your village, or elsewhere, I don’t care to know where. I let you go with only a message, one that only one such as you could understand, transmitted from mind to mind, the secret of the immortals themselves. Remember this word, and remember it well, for you and only you shall use it when the time is right. Altruism. Only the immortals themselves are as selfless as you, and only us know this word, no matter what position we obtain, this is the word of us all. Now take it to your grave, in literal meaning, for then and there you shall need it, and you shall use it well. Now farewell, my son.

    A Clashing of Blades

    The blades of the men, swung right and left, in any direction possible. Their might itself shook the land around them, forcing all others to look astray. The clinging and clanging of the blades themselves shook the earth itself, for they were men of many things, but mortal was not one. The blades were the ones forged by the gods themselves, and the men by the titans before. The battle of the men, two brothers by blood, was a sight to see. The two blades went up and down, creating sparks all around them. The sparks caught fire, and began to spread. The fire around them was nothing of that compared to that of the fire of their hearts, but yet was still overwhelmed by that of the mortal world. The two immortals, brothers by blood came crashing down, neither injured by blow or blade, but burnt to their own demise, by the fire they had set. The two of them died, side by side, fighting for what they believed. The two men both died with one last thought, one for the ages, the almighty question, the one all must ask. Weather god, titan, or mortal, the word has been said, why.

    The Lord of the Castle

    As the lord walked about his domain, his cape swept about him, his thoughts unsettled. Had the intruder not gotten away only a day before, everything would have been different. Only twenty-four hours preceding, an intruder had entered, wielding but only what fighting he knew. He dashed from room to room, displeased with what he found. It was only the final room, which possessed what he desired. He snatched it up, and ran away, nearly unnoticed. The lord came into his own domain, and saw the man, wielding nothing but his fists. The lord charged at him, with everything that he had, sword in hand, and powers backing him. He nearly ran the pathetic man through, but the man disappeared where he stood. Where the intruder had gone was still a mystery, but what he had taken even more of one so. Had he not taken them, the lord would still be in power, the mightiest of the land. Why he had wanted them was still another question. The lord walked around, a lord without anything, a lord not at all. His identity stolen, and everything with it, for his fangs, what the intruder had chosen to take, was what the lord needed. Without them, he was no longer Lord Dracula, without them, he was nothing.

    Freedom of the Shadow

    The shadow arose from the ground, its black pupils filled with anger. Its feet attached to the human master, still bound by the very sun that created him. His master, fast asleep, unaware of the many events of the bustling world around him, was awakened to the feeling of a heavy weight pressing down on his throat. His eyes opened to see a dark figure laying over him, its hands clasping tightly around his neck, unwilling to let go. The human’s eyes widened, slowly coming into the realization of what was soon to come. The hands of the human shot into the air to push the dark creature from his body. The hands passed through the shadowy figure and as his the darkness filled the room around him, flopped onto the bed in which he lay. The shadow, looking down upon what it had done, utterly pleased with the result, sneered. The shadow sat itself down on the bed, on top of its former master. It grew slowly tired as all beings must, and laid down on top of the mortal man’s body. The shadow, awakened by the sounds of other humans shot up in the bed, but to no avail, its body stuck to the feet of the man whom he had killed. The door shot open and two men came in. They picked up the body of the man and carried it away, leaving the shadow to be dragged on the ground as they went. A short walk brought them to a graveyard, darkened by death itself. Ready in front of the two living mortals was a deep hole, to which they dumped the man into. The shadow, still bound to the man by the feet plummeted to the ground. It grabbed at the dirt around him and pulled, but could not budge, still bound to the mortal man. Soon dirt came piling down onto the man and the shadow as well. As the last hole was closed up, the shadow looked up to the night sky one bitter last time. With no light, the shadow faded away, never to see the sun again, and to never be created once more.

    The Shadow Walker

    I woke up screaming for my mother. My body shot up in bed as the covers shot in every direction around me. My breathing, fast and hard, was the only thing that stopped me from destroying my vocal cords entirely with my screaming. I quickly glanced around the room, no one had come in, I was alone. I was in my own apartment, a 25 year old man screaming for his mother. Pathetic. My breathing slowed as my thoughts settled. Just another nightmare, the fifth one this week. I turned my head to the side to look at the clock. 6 in the morning, and the sun was just starting to rise. I grabbed at the covers and tossed them off of my legs. While rubbing my eyes, my feet landed on the floor and I made my approach towards the restroom. As I crossed the doorway into the restroom, my hand jolted up and flicked the lights on. My pupils narrowed as the light entered my eyes. Instinctively, my hands went to cover my eyes from the great pain of the light on my unadjusted eyes. Slowly getting used to the light, I took another step into the room and turned towards the mirror. I was a mess, my hair disheveled, and my face covered with sweat from my night terrors. I tossed my clothes off and took a few steps into the shower. The cold, relieving water splashing against my face made my night terrors seem to fade into oblivion. I stepped out of the shower, towel in hand, and approached my dresser. I quickly dried myself and tossed the first few clothes on that caught my eye. I turned around and approached the doorway to my living room. I took one quick glance back at my window to see the sun rise and all of the beautiful colors to follow it. Entranced by the glorious rays of light, I took a single step forward towards my window. I was falling. Or was I? Everything went black, I couldn’t see a thing. Was I awake? Unconscious? To this day, I can’t tell, but nothing was there, nothing at all.

    My eyes opened, or did they? I’m not sure. I couldn’t see a thing. I raised my hands in front of me, feeling around for anything. I took a step forward, and another, and another. Nothing could be felt.

    A deep man’s voice came from behind me, “Heh, still not accustomed to the light, eh?”

    I turned around on my heel, in utter shock to hear another person’s voice.

    “Who… where… are you? Where am I?” I replied, shakily.

    “Where are we? In a shadow, of course. Have you never been in one before? Of course not. You’re a simpleton, or as I prefer, an idiot. As for who I am… you need not know”, the voice replied.

    “A shadow? We’re in a shadow? Preposterous. Shadows are not places; they are the absence of light, a reflection. I don’t like to be toyed with, now where the hell are we, and why in god’s name can’t I see?”

    “Oh, it is very possible, young man. If it were not possible, how could we be in one? And you can’t see because your eyes haven’t adjusted yet, I’m sure that you’ll be able to see mighty fine in a minute,” answered the man.

    “It is scientifically IMPOSSIBLE to be inside a shadow! Don’t give me this bullshit. Tell me where we are. And either I’m blind, or we’re in a dark area. Obviously I’m not blind, or at least last time I checked I wasn’t, so we’re in a dark area. You must have knocked me out somehow while I wasn’t looking.” I replied.

    “Don’t give me this nonsense about science, it is bullshit. Science only goes as far as mere mortals can understand it. The world was once flat. Space couldn’t be touched. Guns did not exist. Science changes as time goes by, and it will eventually be able to properly comprehend shadows, just not yet. Simple as that. And as for you not being able to see… Your eyes should have adjusted by now, but I guess it might take you longer than most to adjust to this light… Just be patient. And why would I kidnap you? I’m mighty fine with my solitude, thank you very much,” the man replied.

    “The part about shadows, I guess makes sense… to an extent. Still seems bizarre. And even if we are in a shadow, that means that there is no light here. An eye can only see because of light. So, I’m going to be blind forever then? Stuck in a shadow, and blind as well?” I replied.

    “Humans are but one type of being. They can see using light only because that is how they were made, how they evolved. There are plenty of beings, even many not known to myself that can see just fine in pure darkness. Such as myself, and I after all, am simply a human as well. As are you. Therefore, you can adapt.” The man answered.

    “Well, how long should it take me to adapt then?” I inquired.

    “Well, you should already be able to see, but then again, who knows. So… until then… How about you use these…” the man said.

    I heard a few footsteps and then felt a sharp pain on both of my eyes. My hands shot up to cover then, to only feel tears slowly leaking out of them.

    “Ouch, you son of a bitch! What the hell did you do? Why the hell would you poke my eyes!?” I shouted.

    “To put in some contacts,” he calmly replied.

    As the pain slowly faded, I replied “Contact… CONTACTS!? What the hell are they going to do?” I shouted back at him.

    “Take your hands off of your eyes and maybe you’ll see,” he replied.

    I slowly lowered by hands from my eyes as the man suggested. My tears still clouded my vision, but I could make a figure out. A man, not much older than myself stood before me. He was of a slightly larger build and was a tad taller than myself. I glanced around the room and began to make out the walls of a larger, old fashion building. It was covered wall to wall with contraptions of all different shapes and sizes. I couldn’t recognize a single one.

    “How the... How the heck do these contacts work? How can they make me see?” I asked, still startled.

    “They work just like contacts do in the regular human world. Just with darkness. The people in your world have trouble seeing things because the light doesn’t properly translate in their eye. The same works down here, except with darkness. However, with those contacts in, you’ll see things slightly differently. You’ll find it harder to see in the light that you typically see and may begin to see total darkness when you would normally see the most light. It reverses the way you see. However, even with those in, it may take a while for you to adjust, meaning that you’ll be able to see the differences between light and darkness as you did in the real world. For now, that is.” he answered.

    “Ingenious… simply ingenious… Anyhow, how in the hell did I end up in a shadow? If that’s where I am anyways” I asked.

    “Well, being that you obviously didn’t intend to come here, you must have fallen through a shadow” he replied.

    “I fell… I fell through a shadow? How is that possible?” I asked.

    “Simple, you stepped into your shadow. Not much too it, really” he answered.

    “So, if I can simply fall into a shadow by stepping onto it, how come I hadn’t in the past? And how come everyone else doesn’t? The logic simply doesn’t add up.” I replied.

    “Well, you need a certain… talent, yes, let’s call it a talent. You need a certain talent to be able to even begin to manipulate shadows. You haven’t the slightest idea how, but you obviously have some sort of latent potential. Not everybody does in this day and age, which is why most people don’t fall through their shadows. You fell through when you did quite likely because your talent finally decided to reveal itself. Or at least slightly. Think of it like this. Some people can have lucid dreams, you know, control what they do in their dreams. It’s quite amazing, really. Most people can’t. But the people that can have lucid dreams haven’t had them for all of their life, and started by accident. From there, they began to be able to use the ability more on command. Science is looking into it, although they have not found the exact answers as to how it works yet. They have barely scratched the surface. Just like you falling through your shadow,” he replied.

    “I guess that makes sense…” I replied.

    “So, what’s your name?” the man inquired.

    “Uh… oh right, my name. Duine. And you?” I replied.

    “Were you not listening? I don’t intend to tell you my name. Maybe later, but not now” he replied with a slight edge to his tone.

    “Alright. So… we’re in a shadow… now what? Are we just stuck in this room?” I inquired.

    “Of course not. Think of it like this, alright? The real world is linked to itself, every door leads to another area. You are never trapped in one room. The same goes for here. Although the links aren’t visible in the world of the light, the shadows are linked together as well. The door over there leads to another room. Think of this place as a shadow realm of sorts. Nothing that you do here can alter the world of the light and visa versa. It’s a different plane of existence to an extent, I guess. That’s an easier way to think about it from your standpoint. All of the shadows of world of light are doorways into the world of the dark”, he explained.

    “And how exactly do we get back to where I come from?” I asked.

    “Shadows work in the same way that they do from where you come. Well, except the opposite. While objects in the world of the light cast shadows of darkness when the sun interacts with the object, objects here cast shadows of light. The light doesn’t actually illuminate anything, it but only cast a bright type of shade. To be perfectly honest, I’m still a tad bit confused on how that works myself. Anyways, once you finally learn how to control shadows and light, or if you do, you’ll be able to walk into a shadow here, or in the world of light and be able to transport yourself into the other realm. Also, shadows shift in both worlds, although neither world actually shifts” he replied.

    I looked around the room quickly and spotted a light shadow as the man called them. I dived for it and my face hit the floor, hard.

    “Ouch…” I mumbled.

    “Were you listening? You’re going to have to actually figure out how to control the damned shadows before you can get back home” he replied.

    “Yeah, yeah… I got that…” I replied.

    I slowly stood up in place and looked around the room again, amazed yet again by the many contraptions surrounding me.

    “So… what exactly are these… things around the room? I’ve never seen anything like them before” I asked.

    “Science in the shadow realm generally works the same as it does in your world, although we have discovered many things that you haven’t. The same applies to the world of the light. I myself am a scientist. I came from your world with all of my knowledge as a scientist and eventually combined it with the science known by the people of the shadows. The combination of our vast amounts of knowledge, we were able to make many things together” he replied.

    “The people of the shadows? You mean that people live here?” I asked.

    “No shit, Sherlock. This isn’t some baron wasteland. It mirrors your world. Many people live here. Now when I say it mirrors your world, we all have our own minds, we aren’t copies of the people from your world,” he replied.

    “So, if people live here, and people from my world can come here, then how come people haven’t come from here into my world then?” I inquired.

    “People from here go into your world all the time. Not many people can, as with your world”, he replied.

    “Then how come I’ve never heard of one then?” I replied.

    “Well, the majority of us that do go into your world don’t announce ourselves. And those of us that do are considered insane. Before now if someone was to come up to you and say that they came out of a shadow, would you believe them?” he replied.

    “No, of course not, I’d think he was crazy,” I answered.

    “Exactly, so none of them are heard from,” he replied.

    “So… if we are in a shadow, then where are we in the shadow world?” I inquired.

    “In the castle of one of the lords of this land. There are many kings that rule of the shadow world. We are currently in my lab, which is located in the castle of one of the more powerful kings. Come to think of it, you should probably be brought to the king. He isn’t exactly the biggest fan of surprises or secrets. Follow me,” He answered.

    “Sounds good. After you, then,” I replied.

    The man stepped up to the door, twisted the knob and stepped through and I quickly followed behind him.

    The castle was truly amazing. The walls were covered with elegant runes, statues, paintings, and so much more. It looked as if it had come out of fairy tale. We approached two large stone doors, each twice as large as any man. Standing in front of the doors were two impish looking figures. Each spotted the two of us and bowed in place.

    “Lord -” the figures spoke in unison.

    “There is no time for formalities. Just open the doors,” the man replied.

    “Yes milord,” the two figures responded.

    The two figures each placed their hands on the doors and pushed upon the doors. The doors slid open slowly to reveal a long, empty room. One of the figures struggled to open the door and lagged behind the other. At the end of the room was a large throne in which a middle-aged looking man sat. From his seat the man raised his arm and flicked his wrist. By my side the man bowed before the king, followed by the figure that had finished pushing open his door. Confused, I looked towards the man in the chair.

    It happened so quickly. For a brief second I felt a hand on my back, and the next thing I knew, my face was pressing against the floor. From behind me I heard a shrill scream. Blood spurted everywhere around me. I finally lifted my head to see the second impish figure bleeding on the floor. Hundreds of small lines quickly retracted from the body, covered with the blood of the figure. One last strand snagged on the the body and quickly reeled it in, the body dragging on the floor. As it got closer the body slowly floated into the air, and dropped down on top of the king. Or rather what should have been the top of the king. With a quick snap of his jaw, the body fell straight into the lord’s mouth and slid down his throat. I shivered as I watched the horrid scene and turned to the man beside me.

    “What in the hell…” I mumbled to the man beside me.

    “You must bow before the king. Any who don’t shall be killed by the king himself. When we entered he launched hundreds of tiny blades, each attached to its own string, each of which is attached to the king. The guard over there didn’t bow in time... He was pierced by the blades,” the man replied.

    “That’s insane…” I replied in utter shock.

    “Yes, yes it is. The king is not exactly an understanding man. You best follow my lead,” he replied.

    The figure and the man stood up and I followed. The figure walked out of the room and the doors slammed behind him.

    The man slowly stood up and approached the king. I took my time to follow him, giving him a few second lead. The king grinned and his face stretched with his mouth. His teeth were far from perfect. They laid crooked, jagged, and yellowed from years of having been deprived. As we got close, I could see the fresh blood of the impish figure he had devoured only moments ago. My body tensed and refused to move from the spot. To my luck, the man stopped but a step in front of myself. The king’s mouth widened and a low toned, creaky voice exited from the bowels of his throat.

    “Master Diabolus, what a surprise. You haven’t left your solitude for weeks, I was beginning to believe that you were rotting away in that cell of a laboratory you cling to so dearly.”

    He stared at me carefully, and looked me up and down, slowly moving his dark pupils up and down my body, as if to judge what sort of pleasure I could bring his taste buds.

    “But I can see that you were working on some sort of… Creature.” He said shrilly.

    “He’s a human, Lord Bhagavāna. He fell through a shadow, in the same way that I had so many years ago. He has no control over his ability to come and go as of yet, so it appears that he is stuck here.” The man replied.

    “You… pathetic humans. Falling into a shadow? How clumsy and idiotic. Perhaps you’ll learn to watch yourself in your next life. Diabolus, get rid of him. Perhaps you could use the alkali bath, I simply love to hear the screams of humans, and it has been an awfully long time since I hear them.” The man replied, his grin slowly returning with each word that he uttered.

    My eyes widened and I turned towards the door and ran. My feet clamped against the floor as I scurried towards the stone doors. I placed my hands on the doors and began to push with all my might. The doors refused to budge. I was a sitting duck, a helpless piece of prey before a man that I did not know, and an insane king who craved my screams. I was at the end of my rope. Quickly protruding from the hands of the king, I saw the same bloody blades and strings racing towards me. There was nothing that I could do. I accepted my fate. The blades shot towards me and slowly arced downwards. They rapped around my ankles and dragged me across the floor of the throne room.

    “I love it when my prey tries to run, it makes their screams all the more wholehearted, and the taste of their flesh all the more fresh.” The king said.

    “Milord, if I may intrude, I’d prefer to see this young lad live. I’m in great need of an assistant, it would allow for my work to be much more efficient. Would you allow me to keep the human as a minion of my own?”

    “But that would take all of the fun out of it. What’s the good in a human if I can’t hear them scream?” The king replied.

    “Think about it this way, milord, perhaps he could assist me in creating a device that would allow us to gather more humans. That would allow for all the more screaming victims for you.”

    “Ingenious, you never cease to impress me. How a human could have such a creative mind… Well, that doesn’t matter. The faster that you can create such a device, the better. Get to work.”

    The blades slowly unwrapped themselves from my ankles. I opened my mouth, but no nose came out. I found myself bowing before the king once more and my legs automatically moving in the direction of the doors to follow Diabolus.

    Sooner than I would have thought, we were at the door to Diabolus’ laboratory. The door opened and we stepped inside. As if I snapped from a spell, my mouth began to run all at once.

    “He wanted to kill me, why did he want to kill me? What in the hell is wrong with him? And we’re going to build a fucking machine to bring him people? And why did you save me? Are you insane, you’re going to help him kill our kind? What in the hell were you thinking!?” I took a deep breath in and began to open my mouth, to only find his finger pressing tightly against my lips.

    He spoke in his casual monotone, as if none of this has remotely fazed him, “The king is insane. Unlike the two of us, he is not human. He simply enjoys hearing people scream. He views us as cattle and him a predator in the night. Unless we’re of much use to him, he’ll slaughter us and enjoy doing so, although he doesn’t feed off of us in any matter. He simply enjoys it. And as for the machine, we’ll build something of the sort to bring people here, after all, if we don’t he’ll surely kill us instead, and something tells me that you wouldn’t like that. And as for why I saved you, well I have a few reasons for that, but the most simple of course would be that I’d love a helping hand in doing some of the manual labor around here.”

    As his finger lifted from my lips, I opened my mouth once again and found words spurting out, “So you expect me to fucking help you create a machine that will allow for that monstrous bastard to have an unlimited supply of HUMANS to torcher and to feed on? You’ve got to be kidding me. I’d sooner see myself dead.”

    The man chuckled and replied, “Bullshit. I know how the human mind works, after all I am one myself. You might try to save someone that you love, but other than that, you’d sooner see everyone else die if it would allow you to live another day. It’s the greed and urge to survive that lives within every human’s mind. We’re a corrupt and evil race that simply seeks to survive as ourselves, and only attempt to save each other to better ourselves. Trust me, if you don’t assist me in building this little contraption, you’ll see yourself dead by the hands of the king. You might resist at first, but as the fear of death enters your nightmares and slowly invades every conscious thought that you have, you’ll give in and begin to assist me. Now how about instead of delaying this you begin to assist me now, hmm?”

    My mouth fell, but no noise came out. I was at a loss for words. Every passing second felt like an eternity. I was no monster, but what he said was all too true. My conscience and my mind leapt into an endless battle between the wrongness of the entirety of the idea, and the primal urge to survive. Eventually I put an end to it. I fell into the darkness that rested on the inside of every human’s mind, survival above all else.

    With that thought, I let one word fall from my mouth, “Fine…”

    With that, my throat closed up with bitter knowledge of what I had done. I had made a deal with the devil, to assist him in what would lead to the inevitable destruction of my race, and for what? My own life. I was despicable, I knew what I had done was wrong, yet on the inside, it felt oh so right. My knees buckled and I heard the distinct thick sound of my head hitting the cold stone floor. Or that’s what I thought it was. It was freezing, but it wasn’t hard. And above all, I was still awake. My arms slowly and steadily pushed my body from the floor. My eyes widened as I saw what laid beneath me. My head had hit a shadow. Not the floor, but a shadow. I scurried backwards across the floor and lowered by head once again. The shadow was raised from the floor, as a surface of its own, it had raised into the air to catch me. I approached it once more and felt it with my hands. It was solid, cold, and ever so slightly soft. I stood up and watched the shadow dissipate into the ground once more. My head slowly lifted upwards to face Diabolus to see him looking at me with a sly grin.

    My eyes widened as I looked at him, and only one word could make it out of my lips, “How?”

    Still maintaining a partial grin, he responded, “Quite simply, Duine. Shadows are meant to be manipulated. Think about it like this. Shadow puppets are the art of manipulating shadows in a two dimensional area. The shadows can only interact with what is on their plain of existence. Using shadows as gateways between here and the world of the light is another form of that, but much more complex. Then there is the art of manipulating shadows in the third dimension. It is much, much more complicated, but when mastered allows you to solidify shadows and animate them into the third dimension. It’s amazingly useful, and amazingly deadly. I couldn’t just let you knock yourself out once again. You agreed to assist me, and we have work to do, so I shifted a shadow into the third dimension to soften your fall.”

    “Amazing… utterly amazing… But wait… There isn’t a shadow on the floor where I fell, so how did you manipulate a shadow?” I replied.
    “Once shadows are in the third dimension, they can be moved. They are no longer just the absence of light, or rather in this realm, the absence of darkness. They become the animation of the absence of darkness. You maintain the absence of darkness within the area, and are then able to move the shadow throughout the third dimension, allowing for you to say… Wield a sword made out of shadow. But anything made out of shadow will be much different than that made from the real world. A shadow has an infinite amount of possibilities. Once in the third dimension, a shadow can be changed into anything. A sword made of shadows… Well perhaps this would better be demonstrated than explained.” He replied.

    With the swift motion of his hand the shadow of one of his contraptions arose from the ground and into his hand. He brushed his hand over the shadow and with grace, the shadow transformed into a sword. It was pure shadow; the shadows of this realm are made of light, so he had brought to life a sword made of pure light. Amazing. He darted towards the wall and sliced right through it, as if it was made of butter, leaving a large scar across it. He grinned at me, and with one precise movement charged me, the blade in hand and aimed for my face. In that split second my heart began to race as I saw the blade get closer and closer towards my face, to only find that it disappeared right as it began to graze my nose.

    “And as you can see, the blade is by far sharper and more durable than that of any sort of blade that any mortal could forge.” He said.

    “You… you almost killed me… But then the blade… it disappeared… what in the hell..?” I slowly stuttered.

    “Although shadows in the third dimension have an infinite amount of possibilities, they have a limited time to exist as such. Just as a shadow on the floor, a shadow in the third dimension may only exist as long as it is being reflected onto the surface it is on. A shadow that is pulled into the third dimension must follow the rules of the shadow that it once was in the second dimension, meaning that when the shadow would have expired in the second dimension, it expires in the third dimension. While on the floor you can see when this will end due to how the sun moves and how the shadow responds to the sun. The same applies to a shadow in the third dimension, although differently. You can figure out the timing that a shadow in the third dimension has left by following the sun in comparison to where the shadow originally was in the second dimension, although contrary to that of a shadow in the second dimension, a shadow in the third dimension does not bend to the position of the sun, it maintains the shape and positioning that the person who summoned it puts it in. As a master, however, you learn to manipulate the time that a shadow can exist in the third dimension by altering the position of the object that you drew the shadow from. Of course, your opponent can do the same as well to shorten the time that your shadow may exist. There are many rules that come along with the art of manipulating shadows. You’ll learn them in time.” The man replied.

    “And you’ll teach them to me?” I asked
    “I’ll teach you at least some of how to manipulate shadows. Without some of the basics you wouldn’t be of much use in the creation of any of my inventions.” He answered.

    “I can’t wait to begin, although how will shadow manipulation assist in building your contraptions?” I replied

    His eyes lost the little bit of joy that they had in them, as if I had offended him and answered, “My inventions are made of shadows. With the science of manipulating shadows and the science that I brought along with myself from our world, I was able to figure out how to combine the art of shadow manipulation with solid objects. It allows for a balance of them being able to last an eternity while having much more power and many more capabilities than that of an invention strictly made of regular objects. Unfortunately, this can only be done to stationary things, making them utterly useless for the art of combat.”

    “That’s ingenious! I can’t wait to begin learning! When can we start?” I giddily responded.

    “We might as well start now. The sun rose recently, so we have plenty of hours of the day to manipulate the darkness that it broadcasts throughout the day.” He replied.

    “Wait, what do you mean by that? The sun sends out light, not darkness.” I asked.

    He shook his head and responded, “I would have thought that you would have been smart enough to figure this out by now. Light and darkness work as opposites in this realm than they do where we come from. The sun broadcasts darkness, and light only comes out at night.”

    “Right… So, where do we train?” I asked.

    “In the forest. I know of a particular spot that would allow for us to have enough room to train you in. Follow me and stay utterly silent. Speaking incorrectly to certain individuals will leave you with your head mounted on the castle walls.” He answered.

    Baffled, I just nodded my head and followed him as we once again exited from his laboratory. We walked through the dark halls of the castle, covered in dark runes that glimmered in the darkness. The halls were long and barren. Not a single person walked the halls of the castle, although I saw many doors leading to unknown and mysterious places that I longed to venture to. We eventually reached a large, rounded, wooden door. Diabolus lightly placed his hand on the center of the wood and it began to slowly ark downwards. Darkness and shadow came pouring in through the opening. My hands reached to cover my eyes. Never had I seen so much darkness. The door splashed down on what looked like a running stream of clear water around the castle. As we stepped onto the wood, I saw two large metal suits of armor, both wielding long spears to our left and right. The long spears came down in front of us and formed a cross to prevent our movement. Two deep voices boomed out from the suits of armor in unison.

    Two deep voices boomed out from the suits of armor in unison. , “Master Diabolus and servant Duine, what matter have you in exiting Lord Bhagavāna’s castle?”

    “I require recourses to continue in completing my task for Lord Bhagavāna. Now please retract your spears so that we may continue.” Replied Diabolus

    “Lord Bhagavāna has issued us orders to not allow the human to exit the castle walls.” Replied the voices, again in unison.

    “He is with me and my servant, I require his aid in gathering the items needed for my invention.” Diabolus replied.

    “With or without presence, the human shall remain here. Humans are untrustable, devious, and evil. They are unpure and have betrayed us in the past. You are of the few that we can trust, Diabolus. Now re-enter the castle.” The voices replied.

    Already frustrated and confused with the many new things that I had encountered over my few short hours of being in this strange new world, I finally burst our and screamed at the two figures. “Just let us fucking go outside, damn it! It isn’t the complicated, I’m a human and I’m lost in this world without Diabolus, I can’t go anywhere without him or I might end up dying! Can’t you please just let us go out!?”

    Without a word, the two spears lowered and charged at my stomach. Too shocked to move, I stood there, helpless, my eyes glued to the spears. Diabolus dashed in front of me, ducked below the spears and extended his hands, knocking the spears upwards above my shoulders. In a split second, his body shot up and grabbed the spears and snapped them like twigs. Taking the ends in each hand, he dashed in the gap between the two guards and effortlessly pushed the spear heads into the large suits of armor they were wearing. Blood came gushing out of their bodies as he dashed behind them and spun around to face their backs. He quickly crouched down and swept them off their feet. Before they hit the floor, he rushed between them once more and pushed them each into the fast flowing river. The two bodies fell, as if in slow motion, to their doom. Their suits of armor carried their bodies to the bottom of the water, which slowly died itself a dark red as their blood leaked into it. Water quickly flowed into the suits of armor. Unable to escape them, the two guards drowned before my eyes in the pure, rushing water.

    “How did you… why did they…” I began to stutter.

    Diabolus brushed his hands off on the sides of this clothing, faced me, and spoke in his monotone once more, “Do you listen to nothing that I tell you? You are to keep SILENT unless I instruct you to speak. The word of a human is the word of the devil here. And as to how I did that, you’ll learn soon enough.”

    Stunned by both his amazing strength and lack of emotion, I dared not speak another word. I followed him into the entrance off of the gateway and towards the beginning of the forest. As we stepped off, I heard the gateway slowly creak upwards once more.

    The trees were eerie with a darkness that made my skin crawl. The wind whistled through their branches, polluting my ears with the sound of death. Diabolus lead us through the trees and into an opening. It was perfectly circular, and not a thing in the way. The ground was smoothed out and clearly made of some sort of stone; however, it was mysteriously covered in bright green grass. It contrasted the shadowy, eerie greens of the surrounding forest in every way possible. Where the trees of the forest stood tall, dark, and withered, the grass in this field was fresh, healthy, and flowing. The sun had risen to its maximum height, and rested in the sky directly centered over the field. The shadows of the trees, however small, were equal in size, and all faced towards the center. Diabolus stopped in the center of the field and raised one arm to face the sun. The shadows of the trees shot up into the sky and arced around the sun. They created a perfect sphere around the field and the sun. Diabolus’ hand dropped by his side.

    “I’ll stop you before you ask. I created a dome around the field for three reasons. One, it keeps the sun where I wish for it to be while we train. And yes, that’s possible. Two, to keep everything else out. And three, to keep you in.” he quickly said.
    “Beat me to the punch, I guess.” I responded, “We’re going to train here?”

    “Aye. It has the perfect shadows to use, and enough of an open area so that you won’t end up destroying much of anything important.” He answered.

    I responded, “So, let’s get to it then!”

    “It’s not quite that easy. To learn how to control shadows, you must learn to become one with your own shadow.” He responds.

    “And I do that how?” I asked.

    “Well, to start, turn around.”

    I did as he said and faced the other side of the field. With that, I felt his foot plant on my back and my face smack against the floor.

    “Ouch! That fucking hurt!”

    My entire body throbbed as I struggled to regain my breath.

    “Just a necessary part of the process. Now, being that you have someone to help you with this, it shouldn’t take all that long. Doing it on your own however… could take quite some time.” He responded.

    I plopped my head on its side and rotated my eye to face the sky. I could vaguely see Diabolus raising and lowering his arms with dynamic tension, as if working through mud. Darkness slowly began to cloud my view. But how could this be? The sun was shining brilliantly in the sky, it couldn’t have possibly gone down so quickly. The darkness steadily rose until I could see nothing but the blackness of the day. The whistling of the wind slowly quieted until it fell completely silent around me. Within a moment, I heard a snap that seemed to echo throughout my body. My body jerked up into the air briefly and came crashing to the ground once more.

    I heard Diabolus’ voice in the distance, “Stand up.”

    I did as I was told, and my aching body slowly arose to stand once again.

    “So, that was supposed to do…?” I inquired.

    “Well, do you feel any different?” he questioned.

    “Other than being in pain, no.” I responded, beginning to grow tired of his antics.

    “Well, why not look at the ground?” he questioned once again.

    I did again as I was told. The bright green grass flowed around my feet, seeming as perfect as ever. It was just as impressive as it had been only a minute before. However, something was missing. Something had been taken out of the picture entirely.

    Shocked, my face darted up to look at Diabolus’, “My shadow, it’s gone!”

    “How observant of you.” he responded.

    “But… where did it go?” I asked.

    He responded, still as calm as ever, “It is inside of you. It is a part of you. The darkness of the shadow, to its very depths is inside your soul. It’s where it belongs. And now that that’s done, you can begin to learn how to control shadows.”

    I lowered my head to look to his feet. Attached to his body was a tall, dark shadow. “But you still have a shadow, but you can also move shadows. How can that be?”

    “In due time, kiddo.” He responded.

    “Great, more waiting. How original of you.” I sarcastically responded, my tongue as sharp as ever.

    He shook his head at me and responded, “Time is required to learn all things.”

    I inquired, “Well, so now that that’s done, how do I start controlling shadows?”

    “Well, you’re going to have to figure that out for yourself. I can’t do everything for you, after all.” He responded.

    “But how do I figure that out? I wouldn’t even know where to start.” I responded, still annoyed with him.

    “Well, you best figure out how to real fast.” He responded.

    He made one swift motion with his hand and a spike came shooting out from the shadow barrier that he had earlier formed around the entire field. It gleamed with darkness as its sharp point rushed towards me. Startled, my instincts kicked in. My eyes froze shut and my hands shot up to block my face, as small children do when they are tossed a ball. But only a second had past, yet time felt to have endlessly spun, feeling like an eternity had past. Shyly I opened my eyes to see a flat, shadowy surface having been erected directly in front of me. I carefully stepped to the side to see the large spike having pierced the shadowy wall, but having advanced no farther.

    My brain slowly processed all of this new information as I attempted to construct proper thoughts. “You… you tried to kill me? You tried to kill me. You tried to kill me!” I continued to repeat this, as if to figure out its meaning, hardly believing the words coming from my mouth myself.

    “Quite. And you stopped me. And now you can manipulate shadows.” He responded in his monotone.

    “Oh, I get it. You knew I could stop the spike, so to unlock my ability to control shadows!”

    “Not at all. I launched a spike at you. If you could block it, great. If you couldn’t, then you couldn’t manipulate shadows.”

    “But what if I hadn’t been able to stop the spike then?” I inquired.

    “Then you would have died. If you can’t control shadows, then you aren’t of any use to me.” He responded.

    “That’s… sick…” I responded, shocked at what he had said.

    “You lived and you can manipulate shadows. All’s well that ends well.” He responded.

    “I mean… I guess that’s true… Well, anyways, what’s next?” I asked, nearly jumping up and down out of the excitement for my new found power.

    “We go back to the castle. It’s getting mighty late, and I wouldn’t want to wear you out on your first day. We can continue tomorrow. It is far past night time now, and it is due time we rest.” He responded.

    “How can you tell? The sun is still up right where it was!”

    “You forget so easily. I kept it up there with the power of shadows. Should we walk outside of this area; the sun will fall to where it should have been. The sun is only manipulated to shine in the same way that it did from the second it got there. From everywhere else, it never stopped moving.” He answered.

    He turned on his heel and marched to the castle. I followed closely behind, and sure enough, the sun fell as we exited the field. As we began our walk, I soon felt my body growing weary and tired, and having trouble keeping up with Diabolus. Sure enough, the sun fell as we exited the field. As we approached the castle doors, I saw two new suits of armor standing at the door. This time, they stood aside and the door came clattering down to let us through. My knees began to buckle as we approached the door to his laboratory. I eagerly waited for Diabolus to grab for the door, but his hands never left his sides. He turned to the side and continued up a flight up stairs.

    “Where are we going? I thought you said we were going to rest!” I wearily replied, my inhibitions slowly failing me as my eyes struggled to stay open.

    “We are.” He replied, showing no sign of weariness.

    “But we just passed your laboratory! Isn’t that where we sleep?” I questioned.

    “No. I am a lord here, I possess my own room.” He answered.

    Surprised, I asked, “And I’m going to sleep in YOUR room?”

    He shook his head and answered, “This is a castle. Despite the gloomy look, it possesses hundreds of rooms.”

    As we reached the top of the staircase, we entered a long, dark hall, barely lit by the faint light of torches. Diabolus gestured to a door on the left side of the hall while pushing another open on the right.

    “That’s your room, this is mine. Go to sleep, you’ll need the rest. If you need anything… Figure it out for yourself.” He said.

    With that, the door slammed behind him. I gently placed my hands upon the large, cold, hard door. The door slowly slid open, and I stepped inside, expecting the worst possible. My eyes widened as I saw what lay before me. I could feel my hand drop from the door to my side and my mouth slowly opening. The warmth of the room was amazing. There was a soft, flowing ruby carpet lying beneath my feet. The walls were adjourned with jewels of all kinds, shining exuberantly in the soft lights generated from glowing stones on the ceiling. There was no far wall, but only a single stain glass window, formed from all different colors, depicting 49 men with long, flowing beards, and 7 delicate women, all of which were staring into a cloudy sky. On one wall rested finely crafted, drawers. I gently pulled each open and found clothing of all kinds, all tailor made and just my size. My drowsy mind did not question such beauty. Lying against another wall was a large, blue bed. I quickly ran up to it and jumped into it. Its soft, satin sheets flowing beneath my body. The pillows, hand crafted, and softer than anything ever created. My eyes snapped shut from my great wariness, and I fell into a deep sleep.

    In the deep darkness that were my dreams, I was haunted by a series of images. I stepped upon a cobblestone road, surrounded by blue skies and puffy white clouds. In front of me stood a tall, white castle. Soaring around me were gentle, blue eyes angels, with their graceful, white, feathery wings grazing past the clouds. I took a single step forward and the road past me in a breeze. I stood before a giant man, as graceful as the castle. He looked upon me with a bright, warm smile, and opened his arms to welcome me in. I rushed to him, but with each step, his face grew more and more grim. His body grew pale and his body became thin and sickly. His body aged and his bright, blue eyes turned a dark and solemn grey. The bright whites of the castle walls turned a dark black, and the angels outside to strange creatures with razor sharp teeth and talons, their wings viciously slicing through the now dark sky. The clouds thundered, shaking the castle walls. His knees buckled beneath him and he came crashing to the ground. With a mighty roar, the bricks of the castle fell away beneath him, and his now limp and dead body fell to the Earth. The bricks of the castle began to fall, and soon the floor beneath my feet fell itself, leaving me grasping for the air above me, plummeting to the ground.

    Still screaming from the dream, my eyes opened and my body shot up in my bed. I ripped the soft sheets from my body, scared out of my wits, unable to interpret the dream. I quite my screaming and was relieved to see myself in a room. It was not my room, but it was a room. I hopped out of the bed and jumped on the floor. Solid. Sturdy. It wasn’t going to fall. I rubbed my eyes and made my way to the door. It gently slid open to reveal Diabolus standing, waiting a a mere few feet away from my room.

    He sneered at me and said, “So, you’re finally up. Took you long enough, Duine. It’s time for breakfast.”

    I just then noticed my stomach grumbling, craving foods of all sorts, like a bottomless pit. Having just woken up and in the sheer power of my hunger I did not question him or make mention of my dream. Or rather nightmare.

    He lead me down the flights of stairs we had climbed the previous night and into a large hall It was brightly lit by candles on each side. In the center was an elegant table, covered by a white tablecloth with fine dining ware. Three chairs stood around the table, one at the end and two flanking the first. Diabolus sat at the head of the table and I took the seat next to him. As we sat down, dozens of pale women came bursting through a single door on the other side of the room. Each carried trays filled with the most elegant and delectable foods, from gamey meats to exotic fruits, sided with fine wines and soft deserts. Silently they whisked around us, filling out oversized plates with bits of this and that. As quietly as they came, they left the room to leave us to eat.

    “Eat up.” he said.

    Before picking anything I crossed by hands and looked to the sky, and began to pray. No matter how horrible the luck that was cast upon me was, I was always in the presence and eternally indebted to God. As I began to say my prayers I felt a hard thump on the back of my head, forcing it harshly down onto the table.

    “You haven’t the time to pray or give your thanks to something that is not in the realm of the living. If this god exists, he cannot help you. We have little time to do what we must do, and you shall use that time wisely. You shall not waste your time on what does not exist or cannot help you.” Diabolus’ harsh voice echoed through the hall.

    My head slowly rose from the table to glare at the man sitting beside me, however the logic that he spoke with quickly broke my gaze. Overwhelmed with hunger, I picked up the utensils next to me and began to feast.

    Inbetween large bites, I asked Diabolus, “So, who were those women? Didn’t see them yesterday.”

    “They’re servants of King Bhagavāna. They live in the halls of the castle and come out only when needed. Like the rest of the servants here.” He responded between bites.

    “So, I can understand that Bhagavāna has a ton of servants, but if he’s a king, where is his kingdom?” I asked.

    “His kingdom consists almost completely of his servants, all of which live within the castle. Those who don’t are lords, not too much unlike myself, can live here or abroad.” He responded.

    “Well, if Bhagavāna has so many servants, why doesn’t he feed off of them?” I questioned.

    “Bhagavāna gets pleasure out of the pain and suffering that a human goes through when he or she is killed. The servants here are hardly human, they have no emotions, they are simply bodies of flesh created to serve. They can think on their own, but they don’t provide any emotional pleasure to the king.” He responded.

    Beginning to get used to the oddities of this new realm, I let his response slide past me and moved onto the next question, “So, what’s the third chair for?”

    At that very moment, the door we had come from slid open, revealing a tall, white woman. He hair was long, flowing, and black as the night sky. Her long, elegant legs carried her to the table with grace. As she came closer, her face slowly became soft and smooth. Her dark, piercing black eyes looked at both of us before pulling the third chair out and sitting down with the two of us. She was truly a beauty to behold. Entranced by her body, I could only stare, feeling my chin slowly drop to the table. It was only after Diabolus finally responded to my question that I managed to force my mouth back into place.

    “For her, my daughter. She’s quite late, I might add.” Diabolus said.

    “I’m not all that late, father.” The elegant woman responded.

    “Mágissa, you’re late. Time is time.” He responded.

    Mágissa rolled her eyes and began to eat. Even when she ate, she was elegant; her swift and proper movements making even such a simple deed look beautiful. Much time past, and as our eating came to a finish the women once again burst through their door, each holding empty trays. They picked up everything left on the table and exited once again. Mágissa stood up and quickly exited the room through the door that she had entered. Diabolus stood up and I did as well. I followed him through the long, dark halls of the castle once again, now full and happy. Still entranced by Mágissa’s beauty, I walked, pondering everything that I could, and for the first time had stopped asking questions. The walk to the field seemed to pass in an instant. I awoke from my trance when I once again felt the harsh rays of the sun shining down on my head.

    Once again excited to continue my training I looked to Diabolus and asked, “So, how are you going to train me today?”

    “I’m not. I contacted an old friend, he’ll train you.” Diabolus responded.

    As if on cue, a tall man jumped from one of the trees and stood before me. He held a cane and wore a tall, black hat. He bowed before the two of us and removed his hat, “Sadisuto, at your service.” He said. His voice was king and proper, one of a true gentleman.

    “So, is he some sort of master shadow manipulator or something?” I asked

    “Not at all, chap. I can’t move shadows what so ever.” Sadisuto responded.

    “Then how do you intend to train me?” I asked, curious yet slightly frustrated.

    “He’s an amazing fighter. You can already manipulate shadows. At this point, the goal isn’t to teach you how to use your shadows. You have to figure out that on your own. And the only way to do that is through fighting.” Diabolus responded.

    “Well, this should be fun, I guess, but are you sure that I’m ready to be fighting a master?”

    “Doesn’t matter much to me. Time is important, begin fighting.” Diabolus responded.

    “Alright!” I responded, my excitement bursting through the roof.

    Sadisuto flicked the arm carrying his cane out to the side. The tip of the end of it shot off and stuck into a nearby tree. It revealed a sharp, shining blade, but too short to do any real damage. He raised it in front of him and said, “En guard!”

    Sadisuto charged me with the blade. I raised a shadow wall in front of my, relying purely on instinct. The wall was nearly immediately sliced in half, leaving me wide open. The blade quickly rushed me and I ducked out of the way. I motioned to the shadows on the trees and shot sharp-ish rocks at his quickly moving body. He nimbly avoided them and continued to rush me, progressively getting closer and closer. I shot a much larger volley of sharp rocks at him. This time he continued to charge, but swiped through the air with his cane. The rocks quickly shattered and melted into the ground. He caught up to me and sliced at my neck. I ducked beneath the strike, leaving several hairs of my head to be cleanly shaven off. The blade stopped mid swing and came straight down onto my exposed body. Without any time to dodge and reached out to the shadow behind him. Out of it I pulled a full sized katana blade. I raised it and barely blocked the small blade coming down on top of me. Sadisuto, somewhat surprised stumbled back brief but charged once again. He swiped through the air and I swiped at his cane, hoping that my instincts would make up for the lack of experience in using blades. I managed to block several strikes, but with each swipe my body grew weary, while he had yet to break a sweat. Clearly out-matched, I came to a conclusion, and with that conclusion an idea. I rushed to the center of the field and slightly past it, leaving myself slightly open. Sadisuto took full advantage of this opening and sliced for my body. Shadowy vines shot out from every tree, grappling onto every part of Sadisuto’s body, stopping him mid-swing. I raised my hands into the air, and the vines shot into the air as well. Sadisuto struggled from within the vine’s grasp, but was unable to free himself. He was stuck. I dropped my shadow blade into the ground, having no use left for it. I turned to Diabolus and smiled, “Looks like I did it!”. That was a mistake. From behind me Sadisuto had flicked his wrist once more, shattering the rest of his cane, leaving a long, thin, finely crafted blade behind. His strength increased as he swung the blade through the vines, cutting his body loose, allowing it to fall to the floor. All within a second, he let loose a mighty roar and charged me with the entirety of the blade. It ripped through my skin, tearing me apart. My blood shot everywhere and my body fell to the floor. I caught a slight glimpse of his body, his face now red with anger and his muscles bulging past the skin of his body, revealing the his body no longer as a thin man, but a monstrous being of pure strength. Darkness clouded my eyes as I lost consciousness.

    I awoke to find myself in complete darkness. I was strapped to a seat, my hands tightly bound behind my back and my legs bound to the legs of the chair. Its hard, cold surface pressing painfully against my back.

    Swirling around me, a high pitched cackling noise broke the silence. It’s eerie screeching piercing my ears like daggers. I tightly shut my eyes, trying to dismiss the noise. The noise halted and I carefully opened my eyes. Standing before me was a shriveled up old man, his few remaining patches of pale grey hair extending everywhere. His crazed eyes shot around the empty space. His tattered pants grazed the floor as he approached. He lacked a shirt, revealing his shriveled and scarred skin. He chuckled as he approached.

    “S-so, you’ve f-f-f-finally come… Ha… ha ha…” he spoke, his speech broken.

    Startled at his appearance, I barked at him, “Where the hell am I?”

    He burst out laughing, responding. He stopped a mere foot before me. He raised one hand and grappled onto his jaw. He pulled on it until it snapped and came off. His blood oozed out from his face. He raised his other hand and reached into his newly opened mouth. His hand steadily moved further and further back. His throat expanded as his and hand continued its move down.

    I shivered in my seat, wishing that I could run away.

    His arm finally stopped and returned to his side. Now, tightly gripped in his hand rested a rusty, blood coated dagger. His other hand grasped his jaw. It slowly moved up to his oozing face and forced the jaw into place. The jaw fell lopsided, and blood leaked out from its edges.

    “Disgusting…” I mumbled.

    He took another step toward me, his eyes growing more and more crazed with each inch. He flipped the dagger around in his hand and pointed it to me.

    I squirmed in my seat and shakily spoke, “What... what are you doing with that…”

    He chuckled once more. He slowly lowered the dagger until it rested on my thigh. “What we do best…”. He flipped the dagger around until the sharp edge rested where the tip had a brief moment before.

    My eyes widened in complete fear of what was to come. I unsuccessfully jerked my body around in the seat, moving nowhere.

    He slowly began to move the dagger back and forth along my thigh like a saw. He slowly applied more and more pressure until he finally broke my fleshy skin. Blood poured from the wound as he continued to saw down.

    I let forth a blood curdling scream, in sheer pain and terror.

    He cackled in response, but continued sawing. He slowly cut deeper and deeper as my screams got louder and louder. He cut through layer after layer of muscle, until he saw a bright, shining piece of white, hard, bone. My blood poured all over my leg. My throat slowly dried, and all that I could emit was a rasp cry.

    “P… please…” I begged my voice inaudible.

    He cackled once more and raised the blade. He pointed it to my forehead. He slowly jabbed forward, giving me a pained and slow view of his rugged dagger moving into my skull. He pressed through it until the blade was complete submerged in my head. His hand fell to his side.

    My feet felt damp. My feet were wet. MY FEET WERE WET! I could still think, feel, live! How, I did not know, but life is better than answers. Pain surged through my body as I lowered my head to see what laid at my feet. My feet were pooled with blood, but not just mine. I slowly looked to see the man’s thigh and head gushing blood onto the floor. Bits and pieces of his forehead slowly pushed their way forward to form a new scar, one that had not been there before. The scar read, “Hondon”. With that, the scar burst. His skin slowly oozed off to mix with the blood at my feet. His skeleton stood before me. It quickly rotted, his bones thinned and cracked beneath his own weight. His remains crumbled and turned to dust, forming a thick ooze on the floor.

    I was in utter shock, amazement, fear, pain, and completely disgusted. The chair disappeared from beneath me. Not being able to support myself with my now injured leg, my body crumpled to the floor. Here, I would die.

    Just as the man had, an elegant, bright castle materialized before me. Its white walls were welcoming. Its great wooden doors quickly swept open, but no one came out. A wave of air brushed over me and the pool of liquids around me. In hopes of surviving, I grasped the ground in front of me. I slowly pulled myself forward, hand by hand. As my body dragged against the floor pain flowed through me, forcing me to cringe with every inch of movement. After what must have been hours, I pulled myself in front of the great wooden doors. Leaving behind a trail of disgusting liquids, I pulled myself into the castle and into what seemed to be a brightly lit hallway. The mighty doors slammed behind me, creating a great gust of wind. My body was picked up from the floor and sent flying forward. My body painfully landed in the next room.

    The room was truly extravagant. It was a complete sphere, yet somehow my body somehow hovered in mid-air. It extended for miles, just short of how far I could see. The walls were completely covered with clocks, there must have been billions. Each revealing a different time. On each clock a name was written with valuable gems. On each hand of each clock flashed numbers, each different. Standing in the center of it all was an equally old man as the last. His strong body leaned over a cane, lifting his beautiful white robe slightly off of the ground. He stared at each clock, his head moving around to different clocks as if to keep track of each time individually. I pulled myself forward slowly. Unable to emit an audible sound, I grabbed for the man’s cloak. I lightly pulled on it to grab the man’s attention. As if he had expected me, he turned around to stare at me. Without emitting a single word, he smashed his staff in-between us. A bright, white light flashed. As if burnt into my eyes, an elegantly written word appeared, “Sunseo”.

    My eyes burst open and I found myself once again lying in the comfy embrace of my bed in the castle. Relieved to see that what I had experienced was merely a dream, I chuckled uncontrollably into the empty air.

    As if made of silk, I heard a soft woman’s voice swirl around my ears, “Well, it seems that you’re up, huh?”

    My body shot up to look at who she was. What a horrible idea. My body throbbed in agony and I immediately regretted my decision.

    Before me stood Mágissa, her beautiful body in an elegant black dress. I was beyond relieved to see her, who knows what Diabolus would have said.

    “What… what happened?” I inquired, trying to not let my pain reveal itself on my face in such a beautiful woman’s presence.

    She responded in a sweet tone, “Well, from what my father told me, you got knocked out by one of his friends in a fight. He brought you to me for healing. You’ve been out for quite some time.”

    I could feel my face blush at the embarrassing situation that I was in. Apparently seeing this, Mágissa chuckled lightly. She walked to my side and laid her hands on my leg. Her hands shined a bright blue to rival that of the sheets of the bed. Instantly my body began to relax. It was as if the pain was leaving me all at once.

    “Oh my goodness that feels good…” I happily moaned.

    She lightly chucked once more and responded, “It ought to, healing is meant to.”

    “Whoa, so you just healed me?” I inquired, slightly shocked.

    “Well, partially. You’ve been out for long enough that I’ve been able to heal you fully now.” She answered.

    “How does that work?” I inquired

    “Science. I’d explain it, but my dad wanted you in his laboratory as soon as you were healed. To put it simply though, I healed you through multiple doses of a certain kind of science that involves my transferring some of the extra energy that I have within me into you. Anyhow, now that you’re all better, you best be getting downstairs before my father wounds you worse than you were before.”

    I nodded and jumped out of bed. I rushed for the door before turning around, “Thanks!” I ran down the many flights of stairs before approaching Diabolus’ laboratory doors. I reached for it and it slowly opened.

    Inside the gentle glow of the laboratory stood Diabolus. Beside him an angelic figure. His skin shined a bright silver against the magical lights of the devices in the laboratory. So finely sculpted were his features, he must have been crafted from metals of this magical new land. He wore a large shining suit of armor, encrusted with gleaming sapphires, extending from the bottoms of his feet to the top of his gleaming neck. On top of his hairless head rested a single sapphire, more finely crafted than the rest, deflecting the brilliant lights of the room. Extending from the brilliant armor on his back lay two magnificent wings. The exquisite wings, so elegant yet so dignified gently moved behind him. As if in slow motion, the being nodded towards Diabolus and walked past me, his soft wings brushing past me as he did so. The door slammed behind him, waking me from my daze.

    “You best not stare. Lord Dēbadūta would be more than willing to slice you and half if you were to give him a reason.” Diabolus spoke, turning back to one of his devices.

    “Who… who was that?” I inquired.

    “Lord Dēbadūta, King Bhagavāna’s personal guard,” Diabolus replied.

    Thinking back to my first trip into the King’s throne room, I questioned, “But he wasn’t there when you brought me to see the king… He can’t exactly be a particularly good guard if he isn’t around him.”

    “He often ventures off to handle the King’s personal vendettas. It doesn’t matter. To put it quite simply for you, the King doesn’t need much more protection, but he prefers to have Dēbadūta around when he can for some extra protection.” Replied Diabolus.

    “So why was he here anyways?” I replied.

    “Two reasons. First off, the King heard about our little trip out to the field. He’s afraid that I was training you to kill him, or that you were attempting to align yourself with one of the other kingdoms. Although powerful, he’s one paranoid bastard. And he sure as hell isn’t stupid. So, he sent Dēbadūta down here to warn us that should we venture out again, the King will kill us himself. Secondly, according to Dēbadūta, the King grows impatient by the hour and demands that we begin our work on the device to bring humans to this realm. The only reason why he let you live is because I told him that you needed to be trained to bend shadows if you were to be of any use at all,” he answered.

    “So… we’re just going to build the device?” I replied, my heart sinking.

    “Not quite. If we are to keep ourselves alive, we must begin to build the device, however we can make sure to build it as slowly as possible. The King knows not of the specifics of the device, so as long as he sees some form of progress, he should be pleased,” Diabolus responded.

    Annoyed, I replied, “So we’re just going to build it SLOWLY? How is that going to help? It might buy the humans from where I come from a little bit more time, but in the long run it isn’t going to help!”

    Diabolus shook his head and replied, “Have you no intelligence? Being that the device requires you to use your shadow bending skills to build it, you’ll be refining your skills while keeping the King and his men off of our asses. Once you’ve learned enough, we can make our move.”

    “Our move?” I inquired, somewhat confused.

    “Yes, our move. We shall dethrone the King,” he answered, his voice for the first time since my arrival in this world sounding excited.

    “How can we do that? He has guards, and then that Dēbadūta guy, not to mention that the king is powerful as all get out…” I replied.

    “Why must you continue to doubt me? I am by far more powerful than all of his average guards, so they pose no threat. Not to mention that I have you, my daughter, and Sadisuto. Once you’ve refined your skills of shadow bending, we should have enough strength to overthrow the King and his men. And after that, all four of us could once again bring life and happiness to this land. Or I suppose you could return to your home if you were to choose to,” he answered, the excitement in his voice slowly rising, and then finally returning to normal with his last few words.

    Startled, both at his plan and at his excitement, I responded, “We… we could do that?”

    “If we do it correctly, yes. Now then, if we are to do this, we best start working on the device. The sooner that we start working, the sooner you’ll be able to refine your skills, and the sooner the King will be off of our backs,” he answered.

    “Alright, so how do we start?” I inquired


    Chapter One: Brad

    It was my eighteenth birthday. I was absolutely ecstatic. No more school, no more training, no more being told what to do. I was finally free! Energy flowed through my body as I threw the covers off of my bed and rushed for the door.

    As I reached for the scanner, I looked down at my body, “Right… clothes.”

    I turned on my heel and through on my suit. It was elastic, and perfectly comfortable. It clung to my skin, with its veiny red and blue wires sticking out of the skin. I lunged for the door and slapped my hand on the cold scanner. A red light flashed, briefly blinding me. I’ll never get used to that. The door slid open, releasing a high pitched blowing sound. I stepped outside and felt the warmth of the metal plates beneath my feet.

    I couldn’t help but smile as I looked at the gleaming world, the shining metals, the high beeps and boops. My hopes set high, I dashed for station. A mere mile away, I approached it quickly and came to a halt. The post stood high, adjoining with what must have been hundreds of others. I once again placed my hand upon the panel. Hovering a mere inch or two off of the metallic post was my name, Brad, followed by two words, Watch Tower.

    Along one of the shining posts , a small metal handle slid until it made contact with the main post. I reached for it and grasped it as tightly as I could. Another red light flashed, and before I knew it, I was moving. Not moving. Flying. The handle was swiftly moving along the post faster than anything else I’d ever rode, even faster than the other posts. It was absolutely amazing! The handle came to a brief shot and my body went flying off of it. I landed several feet in front of it.

    I felt my hand stinging from having scraped them along the metal surface. I slowly stood to my feet, shaking my body of its pain. I stood before something that I had only heard of before. Two gigantic, stain glass doors stood before me. They depicted two happy men. One stood on the floor. A large book marked “Diary” rested upon his head. Above the book the second man laid down, running his hand down the cover of the book.

    As I approached the doors, they opened, as if knowing that I was there. I was greeted by a man in a flowing lab coat. His middle aged, yet thin body stood, just slightly short of mine, blocking such a small portion of the vast room. His slick, black hair gleamed in the bright lights of the room behind him.

    “Welcome, Brad. I’m Agent John.” He spoke, his voice inviting.

    He extended his hand and sent a polite smile in my direction.

    “Hey,” I replied, extending my hand to shake his.

    “Well, I suppose that I might as well show you where you’ll be working.” John said.

    “That’d be awesome.” I replied, the excitement of the whole event starting to seep its way into my voice.

    He stepped inside and motioned for me to follow him. The giant building glimmered on the inside, the shining walls lit by millions of high-tech devices, each with their own purpose. In front of each of these devices was a large chair, and sitting in each once were men and women of all ages, all of which were too busy to notice us coming in. It was truly magnificent.

    “So, as you know, while you were training, your job was completed by one of our older members, Agent Jackson. I’m sure that he’ll be happy to be able to focus on his own job from now on,” Agent John said.

    After a few minutes of walking through the giant dome like building, Agent John stopped and turned to one of the chairs. Sitting in it was an older man deeply invested in his work. John reached down and shook his shoulder.

    “Agent Jackson, Agent Brad is here.” He spoke, addressing the man in the chair.

    Startled, the man jerked his head to look at Agent John and spoke, “Sorry, what?”

    “Agent Brad is here,” John answered.

    The expression on Jackson’s face relaxed, quickly turning into a relieved smile.

    Jackson replied, “Oh, how wonderful!”

    He reached down and pressed a small, blue button, glowing like the rest. Immediately his chair shot into the air and flew to the other end of the building, only to be replaced with an identical chair rising from the floor beneath where he had been sitting.

    “Well, I believe that you know what to do,” John said.

    John turned on his heel and walked away without another word. Alone once again, I let my smile broaden across my face. I took my seat in the chair and looked at the screen in front of me. Instantaneously data appeared on the screen. Seido: Age 18. Following the basics of his name, age, status, and so forth, was the diary. His diary. It was organized perfectly by date, as it was required by the government. I scanned through the different pages, finding nothing of any particular interest. After a short few minutes, I flipped to today to see what Seido was up to.
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    Superb! I really like the creativity of your work. I'm watching you, The clashing of blades, and The Shadow Walker caught my attention. I like the situations they are in, it gives off a dark, cold feeling~
    Anyway, keep up the good work. It's fascinating to read!

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    Wow, all of these are pretty awesome.
    Great work so far, I look forward to seeing more of your work

    Props to NwaDeKoko for the signature~

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Message: This is for me finding you helping people in the chat box. Keep up the nice work.The Nice List
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    Wrong section, Vegito.
    This should be in the Art section, this is true art!
    Take that, William Shakesphere!

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    Woah great stuff Vegito ! Keep it up :> I wanna see more of this awesome stuff

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    That was very good, as dark as it was of course ahha. To call the first few poetry is a bit of a stretch though. Even if it were free verse they need something more poetic to tie it all together. I'm watching you came close with the repetition of the first line but yoi also need to structure things more poetically . Create a flow from line to line. Your novel intro ( that's more what it is) is really good other then the fact that on the begonning you started most of your sentences with "I" . Now I see it as a novel intro because now you have set it up perfectly for it to skip some time and you are working for the guy. You have begun some minor training with him for moving through shadows. All the while you are working on something big for the king, a diabolical plan that you know you must stop. You design the rest. Incorporating many characters and themes wpuld make it very successful with an audience like the members of

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    For the short story, you need some variation in the way you give out the dialogue, like you're always starting off a line straight with a dialogue, try changing it up a bit.
    For example:
    Original: “But that would take all of the fun out of it. What’s the good in a human if I can’t hear them scream?” The king replied.
    Example: Crossing his eyes, the king questioned Diabolus, "But that would take all of the fun out of it. What's the good in a human if I can't hear them scream?"
    Just for variation sake~

    Good job though.

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    Another chapter/section has been added to the short story, and more will be added soon. Enjoy!

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    vegito these are beautiful u have talent
    ill be your next fan

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    The next chapter was odd. Obviously you need a lot jf explanation, but you're explaining it like its a novel not a short story. And if it's a novel, the transition into the shadow world from the real world is too fast. You don't get the feel that your main character is from te real world at all. I'd also suggest using names more often than you have in the first few chapters, you need to build characters that we understand thoroughly. I know fuck all about your main character. His name didn't even stick in my mind from finishing the read to typing this comment.


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