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    Theories / Possible Reasons behind Some of our accounts being deleted.

    Well I've come up with several people asking me "what does this suppose to mean, translate it for me" which showed their ms login page saying "이 계정은 삭제되었거나 정지되었습니다." meaning "This account has been erased or banned from usage."

    People who have been affected so far : Rice, will post others later


    I've come up with some theories / possible reasons.

    1.) DONXON finally realized about and are start shutting you users down for random wild accusations of hacking or being chinese. (and no its not a joke)

    First of all, one of all Korean gaming company's strictest rule is the KSSN Forgery rule according to here and the forged KSSNs must be treated immediately or as soon as possible in order for Nexon to not take the fall for the blame.

    Also for being chinese, since arould 2003, Chinese hackers or people have started playing Korean games and started to sell their game belongings in a website called "Item Mania" or "Game Mania" where game objects and real life money is traded off which is found here They started to use the opportunity to massively gathering hackers and users to play KMS, they have also pulled out a bunch of lists of Korean residents' KSSN on their advantage, and its been shown on the news and causing panic amongst many Koreans and residents in Korea since KSSN can be used to find any information. rom credit card information to the location of residence.

    2.) The ones who are shown as erased or banned accounts have or are using hacks/bots (highly unlikely since we moderate for that kind of stuff in game)

    The accounts that use hacks, are either banned or could be deleted by admins' consideration. I do not know which rule its stated under, but its there somewhere. I have been affected personally by that once.

    3.) You have been reported with so many Lie Detectors, that they looked into your account specifically.

    4.) Since is strictly forbidden to release any information about how they got/make Nexon Accounts, its plausable that it could've been the cause

    Korean Gaming company's one of the strictest rule is the KSSN Forgery rule according to here and and must be treated immediately or as soon as possible in order for Nexon to not take the fall for the blame.

    5.) Hackers, Hackers everywhere, trolling you guys and deleting your accounts.

    I believe quite many people have already experienced the traumatic experiences, I know I have. I've lost my nx items deleted, over 60m gone, my items (event/rare/not available items) stolen, and best of all hackers used hack in my account, causing my account to be permenantly banned. Over 3 times now. You already experienced it too I'm pretty sure.
    This is how they hack you

    6.) DONXON Corporation has made flawed bugs and glitches that caused several accounts to be deleted, which if I remember correctly, it has happened before, but not sure.

    The recent errors that people encountered with the account changing errors were their accounts ID chaged or their PW changed. one such complaints from people are found at areas such as which involves a guy getting his account supposedly hacked and some people in the comment box were discussing about either the possibility of hackers or error.

    7.) DONXON Hates you.

    I think the word speaks for itself. They don't like you, they've got to get MONAAEEEEEYYYY

    8.) The release of the KSSN from DONXON Corp. to other companies and services could've potentially caused your account to do so.

    There were release of KSSNs every time, mainly the biggest one was the one posted in December 14~17, when they warned that over 13 million KSSNs were released publically due to hacking.
    This would lead directly to hackers on theory 5, leading to hacked, deleted, or changed accounts.

    9.) Its just a rumor but if a person personally file a report case against you for any type of reasons from hacking to foreign user that shouldn't have KSSN, you could get banned.

    By filing Bug Report section of the website, the administrators or corporate moderators personally look into the affair and determine wether to ban you or not. It is possible to ban you since as I have already listed in theory 1, they do not look kindly in foreigner who suppodely got KSSN from nowhere

    10.) Page 404 not found.

    Page 404 not found.
    [restart Internet Explorer]

    11.) Error.

    쓂뛟뀗뛟꿼쒨쮉뛞쒨쓂뛟뀗뛟꿼쒨쮉뛞쒨쓂뛟뀗뛟꿼쒨쮉뛞쒨#!#)(꺄#%!#_$(_^*!쓂뛟뀗뛟꿼쒨 쮉뛞쒨! 쓂뛟뀗뛟꿼쒨쮉뛞쒨@(####! $)( 쓂뛟뀗뛟꿼쒨쮉뛞쒨쓂뛟뀗뛟꿼쒨쮉뛞쒨,,,,()

    So until this problem is resolved, Mario has said that he might be stopping with production of new accounts for a while.

    Wait till we have furthur news about this situation and hope for the better that it was the theory 6 that caused it all.

    Until then, I perfer you play another games.

    We are sincerely sorry about your accounts being deleted/banned and sorry to the people who will not get their accounts in long run.

    But this is just a Theory, A GAME THEORY.
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    Honestly, this doesn't help at all and should be moved to Mindless Talk. You may as well add "Because the world is ending."
    Having so much possible reasons with no evidence doesn't do anything.



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