This is for people who watched Beelzebub Anime .

As you all know , Beelzebub has ended at the 60th episode because the Anime is catching up with the Manga super fast and the producers are making a lot of fillers to avoid that but still on the verge of failing .

I heard most people in other Anime Forums say that this is the end of Beelzebub anime and only the Manga will go on .

I think not .

I think the producers of the Beelzebub Anime needs sometime to make the Manga as far way as possible from the current Anime Episode, which is the 60th as the current point and acts like it's the end of the Beelzebub so that people will not rely and wait for the next episode to come out .

In my opinion , there will be Season 2 due to what i've stated above . Well I know the Anime sucks to most of you due to the fillers and the choppy ending and I think so too but I love watching Anime than reading the Manga(although I always read them while watching the Anime to follow the real storyline while having some entertainment) because it seems better to me in terms of understanding their way of talking , behaviour and colours etc .

I do hope that the producers of Beelzebub will produce and release Season 2 of the Anime because unfortunately for this particular Anime , I started it off by watching the Anime and I didn't read the manga at all . When I tried to find the continued chapter for the Anime but it was all different than the Anime and I am certainly lazy to read it from Chapter One of the Manga onwards ..

I really really really hope they will release Season 2 of Beelzebub !