Hey guys so I finished the first part of my maplestory novel. It revolves around a male thief named Arc. Please read it, comment on the bottom for feedback if you like, dont like and such. Also, if alot of people don't like my novel, I will stop writing this particular novel so don't worry; I wont give up on writing forever. Here it goes...

Revenge for the Black Mist: Part 1

“Ten years have passed since the last war was waged in the already diminishing Maple Island. I can still remember every single detail of that one night it took the Black mage to wipe out most of our cities so clear as if they were imprinted into my brain. The brute force that the Black mage used was so great that our heroes died in a valiant effort to save my village which had no affiliation with any of the heroes. To think that they risked their lives for my people, nobodies, always made me overwhelmed with guilt; but no more. Tomorrow is the day that I will join the new brotherhood dedicated to avenging the five heroes that created our land and made it into what it is today. This is my decision, a promise to myself to clear up any misconceptions I have made before I sit on death row; I am proud to have this as my legacy.”

Try not to get mad : )


I read the letter once more to make sure I had not left anything out. I folded the letter into four equal pieces and placed it close to the spot where my parents pick up their newspaper. As I knelt down to place the letter on the ground, I looked up and witnessed the most unbelievable scene to take place right before my eyes. The night sky was filled with an array of stars, reflecting light off of each other to make one gigantic star that was surrounded by thousands of little stars. It took a minute to connect that image in the sky to the thought of our leader of the brotherhood, the Dark lord, as the gigantic star in the middle and us followers as the surrounding stars. Even though it could have been a coincidence, I took it as a sign from god that what I was planning to do was right; regardless of me not needing one. All of what was happening made me believe that tonight would be my last night of freedom before things would become more serious. I walked over to the old wooden ladder that was pressed against the side of my house which led to the balcony on top. I took one tight grip with my hand on the ladder and it began to rock vigorously until I let go. How could I forget that I was the main reason that the ladder was half-broken? Here is what happened. Four years ago when I was thirteen, I was walking home from the market smoking the cigarette that the merchant claimed will make me stronger. I remember I was going to give the old man the finger for lying to get a sale but then I thought, “what’s the worst that can happen”? So, I bought a pack of it and smoked it all the way home near the side of my house until an orange mushroom jumped out of the bushes and came rushing towards me. I quickly ran up the ladder but I accidentally dropped the cigarette on the ground; which I think saved my life. The orange mushroom tackled the wooden ladder with a loud thud but it was not after me anymore, it was next to the cigarette looking more pissed off then ever. “Wait a minute”, I remember saying to myself. I looked down at the orange mushroom and it appeared to be sniffing the cigarette until the flame burnt out. When no more smoke was emitted from the cigarette, the orange mushroom left looking happy like its usual self. I remember jumping down onto the ground, sitting on the floor next to the cigarette ashes, and going through every possible reason why the orange mushroom attacked me. BOOM! The idea hit me for a split second. The reason the orange mushroom attacked was because of the scent the cigarette gave off. Maybe that was why the old man said I will get stronger; monsters will be attracted to me but they would want to kill me? “The nerve of that old sly fox”, I remember saying under my breath. I began to laugh loudly at how ironic yet true the old man’s words were even to this day. I recollected my thoughts and proceeded to climb the ladder but more carefully than before to get to the top safely. Everything was already set up for me; a table, chair, 2 packs of the cigarettes I buy from the same merchant since I was 13, and a lighter he gave me for not explaining fully how you get stronger by smoking the cigarettes. I sprawled out my legs to the end of the chair and took a drag on a couple of the ciggs spread about all over the table one at a time. The night sky was so beautiful, more than it has ever been, which made me miss these sorts of moments since I will rarely have them in the future. I knew I shouldn’t but I did; I began to second guess if I could really make a difference by joining the brotherhood. What if I am not what their looking for or what if I die on my first day before I can even make a difference. All of these questions and more haunted me though the rest of the night, yet, I was able to have pleasant dreams of being able to save Maple Island from the grasp of the black mage; even if it means dying for the well being of others.