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    Welp, my app got rejected because of the why do you want to play KMS section. Basically I put "I want to join KMS so I can interact with the English community, try out new features such as Xenon, Unlimited, and ones to come, and once I try out those features help my GMS guild and friends get a better understanding of them." What the hell else is there to put? Is there some ultimate thing to join KMS that I can't see? I'm at a total blank here and I'm just wondering what am I missing exactly? This is really pissing me off because I had to rewrite this app multiple times because of things messing up and now it just gets rejected and I can't even see why.

    Another thing is I'm supposed to write six sentences on the do you plan on being active on Leafre... How much fluff can you add to the word yes to make it six sentences?

    Wrong section. Could anyone move this to Rages and Rants?
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    Keep in mind that we have a limited amount of accounts, so we can only accept the applications that we believe are the best. Apparently, yours was not. We are looking for people that want to play KMS for more than just the new features. The majority of the people that just want to play for the new features usually end up leaving and wasting our accounts and time. Change your answer to prove to use that you aren't just another person who's going to leave as soon as the novelty of playing Xenon wares off. And regarding the six sentences, think about it like an English essay. You first come up with a thesis. It's an argument. From there, you extend upon it with support. After you establish your main point, expand upon your reasoning. It shouldn't be fluff. Every new sentence should make us want you to be in our community. By the end of reading your application, we should want you in our community just as badly as you want to be in ours. What can you bring to the table that no one else has? What makes you different from the tons of applicants that we get? How can we know that you aren't just going to leave after a few days? Keep those things in mind. Try to put in a bit more time and effort than you did before, and above all, keep trying. You seem intelligent enough to be able to accomplish such a feat, so just keep trying until you get there. Best of luck to you, and see you around.

    Also, side note, to get your thread moved, click the report button in the bottom left corner of your thread. Then type up that you want it moved. I'll do it for you for this thread though.



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