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Thread: Rage on Rage!

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    Rage on Rage!

    this is my RAGING RANT for the day!
    I work at Best Buy and today some FAT ASS BASTARD comes to customer service wanting a refund on Ink he bought in.. 2010... ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS?!
    NO SHIT our policy won't let us return it. Me and my associate explain this and he goes on saying "So you just gonna have me eat this?!" well being as fat as he was I'm sure the printer he ate for breakfast wouldn't mind!!!!
    After we said "No, sir unfortunately though we can't give you a refund on it-" at this point he rage-quits by tearing up the packaging, smacking the ink on the counter (he intended to splash ink on it but cartridges like that barely let out any ink) so he left barely a speck of ink, tossed the ink cartridge at me and yells "STICK IT UP YOUR ASS!", hardest moment to not kick his teeth in and force it down his fat throat along with what ever junk I can grab before the police arrive and arrest me (I played this satisfying conclusion in my head over and over until my rage settled...)
    So this concludes my RAGING RANT of today, and though I did not win in the end, that fat bastard ate $40 in printer ink!

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    I want a job ~

    I worked at a pool as a lifeguard, but I'm quitting because I have to
    1. Teach kids how to swim:
      • I'm not a people person
      • I don't really like kids
      • I feel like I'm ripping off the parents.
      • It sucks
    2. be a lifeguard:
      • I weigh less than 100 pounds
      • I'm a bad swimmer
      • I can't save shit
      • I'm lazy
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    hmmm, I see how this could be problematic for you. (how the hell do you weigh less than 100?! I weigh over 200 pounds but don't get me wrong, I am no where NEAR fat, just a big build and I am 6ft.)

    To the point, as I have heard from numerous sources, every job has its rage-factors though the number of these factors determine if you compatible for the job.
    McDonalds for example is terrible no matter who you are (bro & sister worked there for 2 years) and they hated every day of it.
    My job on the other hand, I don't like the stupid/angry people that shop at my work. OK if by policy I have to check your ID cause your using credit, it DOESNT me I am being racist, sexist, or any other form of discrimination! though ironically 1/2 the elderly customers give me dirty looks or make rude comments when I ask!
    Though I am working on getting a GS job, moving the FK out of Arizona, and living life!



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