So this game is my latest addiction (while I wait for KMS) yet also my latest RAGE!
I got super addicted and couldn't stop playing for a good 5 hours and now it is 5am; I have unlocked most of the lower level classes yet have no character...why... cause I die.. a lot... and if you havent played ROTMG, then you should know.... it's perma-death. Yep, if you die everything you had: levels, items....gone. The only thing you keep are the classes you unlocked (though this is required as having more than 1 character costs $$$ USD.)
The game WILL MAKE YOU RAGE!!!! So addicting but you die so easily, especially until you know what level each monster is, just now after 5 hours I was grinding in this area of monsters roughly my level, tad high...I then get bum-rushed by 3 suicidal enemies and die in 2 seconds... RAGE!
Though the game is amazingly fun and addicting, I wish the early classes weren't so fragile.
I've decided to take my 8-9 hours of sleep, and pick up tomorrow...hate and I mean HATE playing the priest...