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    What are the odds

    Alright, I'm just about completely fed up with this bullshit.
    On the last week of June, I decided to go and purchase the 3DS Flashcard, Gateway. The site said it'd only take 2-5 days of shipping.
    After I purchase it, 3 days later, they are still processing my payment. Processing payments usually take <24 hours. So I email them whats the issue and they respond saying we NOW shipped it and here's the tracking number. So I wait 48 hours until I could use the tracking number, because that's how long they said to wait. 48 hours go by and the tracking number still doesn't work.

    So I decide to email them again, and they're like "ooono. you just have to wait a bit longer."
    I wait a whole fucking week. Still doesn't work. So I email them again and they're like "yes usps is having issues with their system. pls wait i assure u we shipped it" so like ugh whatever. Then this Monday the tracking number FINALLY worked. It didn't take until Thursday for it arrive. Almost a 3 week process when I was told it would only be 5 days max.

    So I get it and I decide to finally put it to use. I tried using my 2 old microSD cards I had for previous phones but I found out they're not the right class. So on Friday, I head to BestBuy to buy a MicroSD card. I buy it, I go home and try it. I plug the MicroSD card with my MicroSD Card USB Reader that I had for ages. When I plug it in, it asked said the card needed to be formatted. I click to format it and it said unable to format. So I decided to plug it in my brother's old laptop through the SD card slot (using a SD Card Adapter). Still the same issue. I google the issue and tried several different programs. All that did not work. After much looking around, it seemed a lot of people were having this issue and the solution was to return it as it was defective. So I return it and get the same card. I get back and do the same thing. It was slightly different this time. Programs read the memory space correctly, as opposed to the first microSD card that was showing up as 36 MB. I decide to plug it in the laptop again and it didn't work.

    Then I decided to plug it in my dad's old laptop and it opened correctly. Yay, right? So this laptop doesn't have an internet adapter or anything built in. So I couldn't get the files I needed to put inside the microSD card. So I thought of putting the files in one of my old microSD cards and putting the files on the laptop then inserting the new microSD card into the usb reader. An annoying process but would work. So I unplug the USB Reader and insert the new microsd card and insert it to my computer. My computer doesn't read it. I was like wtf? So I tried the other old microSD card and that didn't work either. I go back to my dad's laptop to plug it in. Suddenly it's not reading it. Yeah, my MicroSD USB Reader died right there. SIGH.

    So it was pretty late and decided to not bother until tomorrow (which is now today). This morning I go to Bestbuy to buy a new memory card reader. I go home plug it in, and try the new MicroSD card. And guess what? It worked. The problem from the start was my USB reader and laptop's SD Card slot were both too old to handle this new microsd card. So I finally go and load up the files to the MicroSD card. I put it on my gateway card and boot up my 3DSXL. And guess what I get?

    Another fucking error. I'm pretty fed up with this whole shit at this point. I look around forums and some people suggested the issue was the MicroSD card may be too big (16 GB) which I thought was bullshit but whatever. I was willing to try anything at this point. I go to bestbuy AGAIN and this time I look for EXACTLY MicroSD card everyone is recommending for gateway. I go and exchange it. I get home and try this card.
    This card still has the same issue.

    So the last problem suggested was my Gateway is defective.

    Now I have to wait for these people to respond so I can ship it back and get a new one. I'm just so excited to wait another 3 week shipping bullshit -_-

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    I know how it feels, I had a shipping order for a laptop and it said "Please wait 3-6 days for your order to arrive." and it took them a month and a half to come with it. By the time they came with the laptop; the screen was broken and the touch pad was broken as well. Now I had to go by a screen and mouse. I wanted a refund but they said "No refunds. Sorry."

    he's an awesome panda :D



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