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As a registered user here at, you abide to the following rules. Failure to do so will result in immediate action and will be determined through the Moderators and Administrators.
There is no definite infraction points listed for violating a rule due it being dependent on the severity. However, we do provide the intensity of each rule and the average amount of infraction points given through rating.
For reference:
10/20/30/40 Infraction Points = 7 Day Ban
50 Infraction Points = Permanent ban
Permanent ban includes being IP banned from the site!
If you ever feel that an infraction given to you is considered unfair, you may submit an Infraction Appeal located here.

Korean Social Security Number (KSSN) is a series of numbers issued to residents of South Korea. They are often required to register for Korean MMOs.
Users will not post related discussion for KSSNs which includes but not limited to: obtaining, directing, or posting. We do not support any type of action done to obtain KSSNs because it is illegal. We have a zero tolerance policy - anyone found to be discussing this will get a 7 day temporary ban for first offense. Second offense is 14 day temporary ban and third offense is permanent ban.
Offense: ★★★★

2. Flaming
The act of posting or writing messages that has the intention to insult or dissent in a group or individual.
You will not incite an ill-behaved argument or attack a user(s) or website.
Includes but not limited to:
  • Racism
  • Attacking

Offense: ★★

3. Harassment
to disturb persistently; torment, as with troubles or cares; bother continually; pester
Offense: ★

4. Spamming
Messages that serve no purpose.
Includes but not limited to:
  • Unrelated material to the topic
  • Flooding
  • Necroposting (Exempt from Stickies)
  • Blank Quoting
Offense: ★

5. Hacking
Use of third party programs in games or other intentions on the internet.
Offense: ★★★★★ [Permanent Ban. No exceptions]

6. Scamming
a confidence game or other fraudulent scheme
Offense: ★★★★★ [Permanent Ban. No exceptions]

7. Inappropriate Material
Any type of material that may not be safe to browse for the younger audience or simply because it is too graphical; Not safe for work.
Offense: ★★★

8. Advertisement
Direct attention to elsewhere other than to promote sales or attendance.
Users who wish to advertise must contact an Administrator or Moderator beforehand to avoid offensive action
Offense: ★★

9. Impersonation
the act of pretending to be a group or individual
Offense: ★★★

10. Multiple Accounts
Here at, we frown upon multiple forum accounts.
Offense: ★★★★ [Possible account merge, deletion, or ban]

11. Other Illegal Activities
Includes but not limited to:
  • Private Servers (Note: you may discuss private servers, but that's it. No linking or downloads)
  • Hacking Sites
12. Bypassing Bans
No toleration for those who attempt to bypass their permanent or temporary ban. You are banned for a reason.
If you bypass your:
  • Temporary Ban
    • First Offense: +2 week ban
    • Second Offense: +4 week ban
  • Permanent Ban
    • Permanently banned once more

13. Account Exchanging Activities
The act of selling, trading, or auctioning Maple Story or Nexon accounts is prohibited on the Leafre forums.
Offense: ★★

Maple Account Policy
Rules to Abide to when using a Korean Maplestory Account.
You may be warned 24 hours prior to prevent your account from being revoked. Failure to respond will result in account withdrawal.

Last Date Modified:January 12th, 2013