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Thread: Creating a PIN?

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    Creating a PIN?

    I caved and bought an account from NewGameWay because I'd rather join the community in-game sooner rather than later, and it seems to be where the maplecodex patreon account giveaway accounts come from, so while I could be wrong, it seems to be legitimate. I've managed done everything up until create a Pin/2nd password, and I'm currently in the process of figuring out how, and have been at it for a good 15 minutes now. I created a maple ID ingame that's the only thing blocking me from character creation.

    All help is greatly appreciated.

    Edit: Currently trying the top-left button ingame.

    Edit2: Tried, gives me an error. Tells me to go to my maple > Change password on the homepage. Checking that.

    Edit3: Went to the website, and it's asking me to confirm my password, but the button to confirm my password just opens a blank window with an error. Trying another browser I guess.

    Edit4: I heard S.Korea uses I.Explorer for online shopping for security. Doesn't make a difference though here. Trying a third browser.

    Edit5: Third browser, third error with a different error code. Sounds like a string error, perhaps I need some sort of Korean-friendly browser/browser add-on? Going to browse the forum for people with issues with password confirmations.

    Edit6: Nope. Guess I'll wait and see if I get a few replies. Hopefully someone has a solution/answer so I can know if I'll be able to play or not. Got Mon/Tues/Wed off. Hoping to try hit 100 by wed night. haha.

    Edit7: SOLVED. Check third post if similar problems may plague you.
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    The website uses Internet Explorer, but some people can access it with chrome.
    The PIN is created by entering letters with a numbers, then again.

    So, if you wanted a PIN like : Leafre231, you'd put that in twice.

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    Thanks! I actually found out two reasons why I had issues, one of which was sadly my fault haha.

    1] The only way I could actually access the "Confirm your password" window it opens, I had to fully update Internet Explorer to IE11. I chose the korean Internet Explorer which probably wasn't necessary, but I figured I'd pulled all stops. Maybe someone one day will encounter the same problem and read this haha.

    2] Yeaaaaaah. I apparently input a password at some point, then failed to remember, because I already had one. I made a second Maple ID and set that one to something, passed the borderline illegible lie detector, and got to the character creation page! Success!

    Thanks again though, Deception. That's the second time you've shown up and pulled me out of the fire. <3



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