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    Wink Error when logging in from KMS website~

    I have tried logging in with my Nexon ID ( 넥슨 이메일 ID). However, Once i click the 로그인 button, I get an error stating that I have been logged out(translated by myself correct me if I'm wrong ^^)
    How do I solve this? If I need to upload more details please tell me what do you need.
    Thank you in advance for taking time off your busy schedule to help.
    the error is attached.
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    There's been a few people getting that error but I've never seen a solution. Assuming that you're having the same case as the others you should be able to log in through the KMS gamelauncher but for some reason still not through the website. Are you able to log in, in game through the gamelauncher?

    If you cannot log in through the game or you need to use the site then your best bet is to wait it out/keep trying to log into the site and hope it fixes itself or see if someone here can give a dependable solution. That's all the insight I can provide since I have not experience this myself.



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