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    KMS Help

    I wanna play kms but i dont know what to click on, and the registration guide doesnt help because they changed their website. I have allready created my Nexon ID and its the maplestory ID that i am having trouble with. I need to know what to click on and what to type step by step, pictures would help as well seeing as i dont do well with just words alone. Thank you

    edit: I figured out a bit of what i have to do, i have to get to level 5 and all that and post an application to have an account MADE FOR ME. and i found much better instructions at the getting started guide.
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    If you have already created a Nexon ID and it IS verified you can go in game and create Maple IDs. Click the right tab and login with your Nexon account.

    Then a message will show up, just click the button and it will go away.

    Now you can create a MapleID by clicking the first button.

    Just enter a name for the ID then click the Ok button (left button).



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