I come from the old Leafre.net boards. I've already received an account from Leafre.net, so I'm not going to ask for one again.

However, the old one that I received doesn't work anymore. I used to play avidly, but quit for some time. I haven't modified anything at all - it just
doesn't seem to work anymore. The ID isn't recognized.

I received an account from KremeChoco on the previous forums. His IGN was Distinctus, if I remember correctly.

I still have all the information, and even the original PM from the old website, as well as the last seven digits of the KSSN used to make my Maple ID. It was
provided by KremeChoco. If I recall correctly, it's just a Maple ID. I was never provided the original Nexon Account information.

Is there any way I can get help re-retrieving my account?


Original PM (with Maple ID):

Also obligatory old screenshot when I was in Leafre alliance: