Today after playing for around maybe 24 hours total probably more and getting 1 character to level 49 another to 18, 15, 11, 11 and 2 my account wants me to re-verify. I did nothing but just play the game from the same IP address and when I was about to start grinding to level 50 I got an error message. So RIP my account unless I can find someone to help me get it back and working again. I'll post a link to an image of the error I get when I log in.* So much for just wanting to play one of the funnest games I've played in a while.

Probably won't ever get a GMS2 either since they say the game doesn't exist and they can't even keep up with KMS. I remember back when a new patch would be released on KMS and within about a months time GMS would have the same patch. Now its more like 3 months and change. Not to mention that all of GMS server's are only in the US and I'm in Australia so I get lag all the f**king time. Anyone I'll stop ranting and leave you something to think about. If KMS2 was the only version of the game and we as a community had to translate it ourselves would you play it?

*Imgur: RIP MapleStory 2 account - Log in re-verify account error message