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    Posting, Activity Level, and You

    If you're interested in a Korean Maple account from us, continue reading. It is crucial that you do.

    Here in Leafre we offer one free maple account per user. This account will always be free.

    How to get one?
    Simple. You will need to get your Activity Level to 5. You can check your activity level by clicking on your username on the top right corner and clicking the "Activity" tab.
    Once you are level 5, go to the forum page and click "Apply for a Maple ID"

    (NOTE!: If the font is green, you are able to apply. If it's red, that means you cannot. Please note it DOES take some time for the system to process you are Lv. 5 and allowing you to apply)

    LEVEL 5!?? WHAT?
    Yes, 5. Don't get too discouraged. It's a lot easier than it sounds. Just have fun, don't spam, and you'll get there in no time.

    How do I raise my activity level?
    Many things:
    • Referrals
    • Posting
    • Friends
    • Voting on polls
    • Days registered
    • ...and more!
    Sounds easy! I'll just post a lot!
    Sounds good to me! BUT HOWEVER, remember that when you submit your application, your posts will be reviewed. So if you decide to post nothing but Thanks spam or just plain spam, your application will be rejected and you will be given a short ban for your actions. So don't post spam. It wastes your time and our time.

    Got it! Now what does the Application consist of?
    You will be given information to a test account. you must use this to prove yourself that you can get on KMS.
    You will be also asked several questions regarding errors and other simple knowledge you should know before getting on KMS.

    I got to Activity Level 5 but I can't apply!?
    Relax and do the following things:
    1. You must have had ONE post
    2. Wait a while - the system hasn't registered that you're level 5
    3. Check the front page again for the link to apply. You're probably using the wrong link.
    Click here to begin getting started with KMS!
    Failure to read will result in A LOT of errors and misunderstandings
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