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  1. Paladin or Dark Knight
  2. Night Walker?
  3. Eunwol (Shade) or Night Lord?
  4. bishop or paladin new character
  5. Explorers VS Cygnus
  6. I need a guid to earn Mesos. Im newbie in this game !!! T.T
  7. Explorer VS Hero
  8. Luminous or eunwol
  9. Lhc
  10. How does marriage for Zero work? 0.0
  11. A few specific questions about Zero
  12. Best Explorers
  13. Help with quest plz :)
  14. Zero Question
  15. Zero Skill Builld -Up to level 165-
  16. Zero Class
  17. 21is21's Zero Imformation! (Skill Build and FAQ)
  18. Marksman guide?
  19. Which Explorer do YOU choose post R.E.D?
  20. Is "Arrow Platter" the BM's new main bossing skill?
  21. Deception's Guide to Level 250
  22. Adventurer Revamp
  23. Dual Blade or Bishop?
  24. Best Leveling Class?
  25. Cygnus knights revamp
  26. Are Xenon still available in KMS?
  27. Any job recommendations for beginners?
  28. General Luminous guide
  29. "Classes"
  30. Cannoneers - Post RED
  31. Monster Park Extreme or Evolving world?
  32. any nice jobs in kms?
  33. Good class for a new player?
  34. cheapest class
  35. training spot for luminous??
  36. So how's everyone Leveling
  37. what is the strongest class
  38. Who is your favourite of the 5 legendary heroes of maple?
  39. Leafre, what should I choose?
  40. 2nd Job DK or I/L?
  41. I want your opinions on new classes!
  42. Lhc
  43. What class is the most fun Bucc or Corsair?
  44. Best class to solo with?
  45. Which archer to make
  46. What class should i pick?
  47. Luminous quest
  48. What char should i Make?
  49. help me in evolving system!
  50. Mech vs. Shadower
  51. Updated Training guide 10~70 v2 ┗(^0^)┓
  52. Differences
  53. Not sure which UA should I open
  54. What is the easiest class to train so far and where?
  55. In Your Opinion What is the best place to train as a archer from level 100 onwards
  56. which class should I give the tempest equips to?
  57. Helsium Questline Help
  58. EXP Modifiers; the real math behind the scenes
  59. Angelic Burster OP?
  60. Which class should I start out with?
  61. Good Class to start out as?
  62. What is the most fun class[IN YOUR OPINION]
  63. Lv 38 AB Quest Help
  64. luminous vs angeic burster
  65. angelic burster skill build !
  66. Just dont get it !!
  67. Differences between Mikhail and Cygnus Dawn Warrior from GMS :/ so im confused
  68. New to KMS! Im from GMS <3 show me love
  69. KMS Just starting obviously
  70. im not at kms yet but...
  71. kms of gms???
  72. I need skill build for Kisar !! ^^
  73. poll : which character will you recmmand for beginers lumnious or kisar
  74. Help: cant buy nx
  75. Kaiser Or Luminous
  76. question about pqs
  77. Which class should I choose?
  78. Kaiser Skill build guide/ help?
  79. kaiser quest help
  80. [Tip] How to take away the Luminous opening
  81. What the difference between Lightness and Darkness in Luminous?
  82. Idk which job to use :o
  83. classes that are not too pot consuming
  84. Can Luminous or Kaiser fly?
  85. Other Maps
  86. SP Resetting and 4th job skills
  87. Luminous... Dark or Light side?
  88. which roids map is best?
  89. New, what job?
  90. Kaiser Skills
  91. idk what to do...
  92. Dawn's Guide To Not Missing Hot Time (GMT)
  93. Infighter skill build?
  94. New Guides for New Advancements?
  95. No idea if I should open a UA, or even a Shadower UA.
  96. Dark Knight?
  97. Level Up Guide for KMS and GMS
  98. Assassinate
  99. New KMS best class?
  100. ZivMSA's Guide To Picking Your Adventurer (Explorer) Class
  101. so just wonderin
  102. Monster Park or only Maps ?
  103. Phantom, Mikhail, or Mage? The decision....
  104. Is Phantom Worth It?
  105. New Class Suggestions?
  106. Is Mikhail a copy of Dawn Warrior?
  107. The lie Test Help
  108. What kind of character should I make?
  109. mikhail class
  110. Which Cygnus Should I Make Wind Archer Or Dawn Wariorr
  111. Which class should I start out with, Leafre?
  112. Is there NLC in KMS???
  113. What are the class changes between GMS and KMS?
  114. Next class?
  115. Training ground
  116. Do Cygnus give Blessing?
  117. All cygnus job instructors?
  118. Class to make?
  119. Evan and Bishop Q & A Thread!
  120. Which Resistance class should I make?
  121. Cygnus Knights are being replaced?
  122. Opinions on Thief Revamp?
  123. picture gallery quest...
  124. Warriors
  125. What class to make?
  126. New Rules for Drill Hall and Guides
  127. Info needed .
  128. Best KMS Class For Nubs
  129. Can't decide which mage to choose
  130. Updated Training guide 10-70!
  131. Alliance Union Quests for all jobs
  133. Imaginal's Guide to Level 200
  134. Training Guides.