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    Advantages and Disadvantages of dedicated hosting

    More and more online businesses that suddenly find themselves with rapidly growing traffic find that they have to consider the pros and cons of going with a dedicated server for their web hosting requirements.

    What is dedicated server hosting? This is where your site is hosted at a server on itís own rather than sharing space at a server like sites usually do in an ordinary web hosting arrangement.

    Advantages include added security because you are not sharing the server with anybody else. You also eliminate a lot of potential server problems.

    The immediate visible result is that your web pages will load a lot faster, since the server is not clogged up with somebody elseís information that you do not need and is instead totally dedicated to you and your needs and requirements.

    Also dedicated servers will allow a person or business to make more money because they will rely less on the web host and will instead have full round the clock access to the server to make changes and supply services to clients whom you may want to host in your dedicated server.

    There are a few disadvantages to a dedicated server hosting arrangement. The first is the hefty monthly charge that you will have to put with in exchange for your freedom and exclusive hosting. And even if you manage this, you will need to have very good technical skills to be able to run the server and solve all the technical problems as they occur. This may prove to be very time consuming sometimes. If you choose to hire somebody to do it for you, you will need to pay them, which means that you will also incur certain maintenance costs that you would not ordinarily incur with shared hosting.

    Dedicated server hosting should really be considered only by websites that have a huge traffic and high revenues to support the high costs that are associated with going for dedicated server hosting.

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