Hello members of Leafre,

Ever wanted to be part of the team? Well here's your chance!
I have opened up applications to a few positions:
-Coder (Can be paid)
-Web Designer (May or may not be paid depending on the project)
-GFX Artist
-Elite (We usually don't open this up and instead we pick people, but we'd like to see who is interested and maybe we'll pick you. At the very least, we can offer you a Junior position)
-Sectional Moderator (Please note this is for the foreign games. It does NOT have to be one that we currently have)

I will leave applications open for an indefinite amount of time. But I do encourage you sign up ASAP, just in case other(s) fills in the position(s)
If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to shoot off a PM or post here.