Hey, I'm having a big problem starting kms. After Hack shield it freezes and then disappears. I tried updating the Hack shield with a recent one, but it doesn't work. Also
I tried installing AhnLab through pressing the middle button on the nexon site, but it just loads up for 5 minutes then says this [Error: 32a10020] with a bunch of korean text. I tried reinstalling KMS, and updating my Hackshield with the latest folder, but it won't let me in even with the updated folder.

After trying to update I got this the error 32a one. When I press yes it redirects me here http://ahnlabdownload.nefficient.co...._virusdisk.htm
I do as it says and had checked my hard drive which totaled up to 3 hours, it still didn't work through client or the site.

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Close Thread I resolved it by updating my Hackshield from a guy who uploaded it on chat - https://dl.dropbox.com/u/49552453/HShield.rar