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    Trouble logging in to Nexon website

    Ok, so i've been trying for days now to log in to nexon website to set main character for the star star event.

    First up the problem I got was that once the clicked the login button, an error message pops up saying that my account is logged out.

    So it seems that Singapore uses dynamic IP and that's blocked. So after trying out a couple of VPNs, i finally figured that i could just use a proxy - so i put in a south korea address and it works...

    But now i'm getting this error when trying to log in.

    EDIT: Translation from 21is21:
    21is21: @darkiller Nexon is saying to wait because Nexon is already logging you in

    But it brings me to the page shown above with the login boxes, and the error message pops up after i tried pressing the log in button. Nothing else happens after i dismiss the error message and as far as i could tell, i still wasn’t logged in :/

    so just what do i need to do now? (tried ticking various combinations of the boxes at the top to no avail.
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