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    Brown Teddy
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    Account help

    I am desperately seeking for help from the members of the fellow Leafre community.
    I personally have my own account and I'm in a huge dilemma as i forgot the password to my maplestory id (the one used to login at the website) and my nexon id+password.
    I'm quite sure that my id for my maplestory id is seanyiap but i'm not sure about my nexon id id.
    I want to claim the hot time so I'm pretty frustrated about this situation.
    I have already looked at the leafre guide and ellinforest guide but when i go to the SIREN24 website and do as i'm told to, i get sent to a page where they say i'm blind or something.
    Does the name box have to be the owner of the KSSN?
    Please help me, thank you.

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    Wild Boar
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    Feb 2013
    From what I remember the "blind" page is for verification of the account in which an activition code has to be typed.
    The code gets send to the phonenumber connected to the registered social security number.
    Not 100% sure about the Siren24 website because I've never personally used it, but this is how it worked for me on the KMS website when trying to register, it also send me to a "blind" page.
    Hope I was able to help you atleast a little bit.

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    Red Snail
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    if you go on the official page it think they give you your username if you forgot it



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