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    auction house

    I need help with the auction house It would be best if someone translated it, I only know how to sell stuff and its very confusing buying stuff unless you know the name of it otherwise using the extra search options(advanced search options) are very difficult to configure when you don't understand it :C TY

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    Maple Auction Place

    You can access Maple Auction through the NPC Richie.

    Hint: Maple Auction can only be accessed from Channels 1-19. Channel 20 is not allowed in.

    Maple Auction Preview!

    Maple Auction consists of 4 tabs, The Search, Sale, Bid, and Completion tab.

    ① Search: Search for the item you want to buy
    ② Sale: Look at the items on Sale.
    ③ Bid: Look at the bids for each item.
    ④ Completion: Deal Failed/Item Bought, you can also receive refunds.
    Hint: You can sort through items by the arrow key:

    You will be able to see past buying history to up to a week.

    Using Maple Auction

    You can only use the Search Button 5 times a day.
    The number of searches is renewed after a day.

    Quick Search

    You can use the Quick Search to find the item you want.
    Type in the name of the item you want, and the drop down list will list items that have relevancy to the name you typed.

    Search Option

    You can use this to search for specific item categories, like Equipment, Use, and Etc.


    You can drag an item from your inventory and drop it onto the right side to put it up for Auction.
    The bottom right of the item will display the average price of the item.
    Armor and Weapon can be bargained for, and when you set the item up for Bargain, Bidding will begin.
    Potions, Cash, and other items cannot be put up for Bargaining.


    You can cancel a sale by pressing on the X button on the right.


    If you find the item you want, You can either Bid, Bargain, or Buy Now.

    General Trading

    You can choose to Bid, Bargain or Buy Now.
    If you choose to Bid, you will put in a higher price than the previous bidder.
    Bargaining you can choose to set a price lower than what is asked.
    Buying Now will buy the item at the exact amount the person selling asked for.


    Press the Middle button in order to start a Bargain.
    You are free to negotiate the price with the bidder, but the seller can refuse your price.
    Progress on the item being bargained for can be tracked by Notifications at the top.

    When a bargain has been placed, the seller will be notified.
    When a seller refuses, he/she can send a reason why they refused.

    Average Cost Trade

    You can choose to select the quantity of the item you want to sell.
    If one of the items is purchased, the average cost of the item will be adjusted to fit the sale.
    The Average Price of an item will fluctuate in accordance to previous sales history.

    Receiving the Item

    Unsuccessful Auctions can be shown here.
    You can also claim your item or Mesos after a successful transaction.

    Hint: Bargains that lasted an hour will automatically have the highest bidder win the auction.

    Methods on Using the Market

    An easy to use interactive UI for an easy use!

    Surprise Features of Maple Auction!

    By default, you can only have have 3 slots to sell items, and 5 slots to buy something.
    Premium rooms can have double the default amount, so please remember that!

    You can be notified of a sale/bargain through Notifications.
    Click the Notification to see the bargain.

    This is the closest thing to a guide about the auction house so far. (Thanks Deception!)
    You could always ask our beloved alliance members, some are more experienced than others (as KMST testers, etc)
    Or just be patient until a better guide will be written.
    Please, vote your for your favorite explorers in my poll in order to help those who can't decide - Here.

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