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    Now what the hell is this?

    What is it, and what do?
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    I dont think "you fucking suck scrublord, buy some wards and stop feeding like a nubsie-pubsie or I'll skullfuck your dad." is a statement of friendship.

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    i'm dumb

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    It's the first quest for the quest chain that gives you a passive skill that gives stats/5weap and magic attack. (The skill is called Will of the Union, aka 연합의의지 and it will appear in your beginner skill tab)
    The quest chain is pretty simple.
    First you go talk to murat(무라트) in nautilus and he makes you kill some mobs.
    Then you talk to Kyrin and she gives you a letter or something.
    Then you take the letter to the bowmen first job instructor, and she'll give you a letter as well.
    And then you need to take it to Erev, it was either Nineheart or Cygnus.
    After you deliver the letter there's a short animation and you'll spawn inside a special map.
    Click on the cygnus npc and she gives you a crappy medal as well as the passive skill :3!
    It's a easy 5 to all stat+5 weap/magic attack :o
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