Hey guys i am new here and this is my channel : http://www.youtube.com/user/TheDualBladerz/featured
if u got some time i would appreciate that if u could check my channel :D.
i make daily videos about maplestory and i might start KMS soon!

Subscribe for more! already 80+ videos!!!!!!

The videos are commentaries :D
i am a 12 year old boy from finland who likes to record maplestory letsplay's cuz i just think maplestory is the best game i have ever played!

i got 2k total views and about 92 subscribers (like 80 of them are unactive or wont use their account anymore or somes are from real life friends)
and my dream is to get partnered with machinima but i am far away i get 100 views a day wich is pretty cool actually :D

Support my channel and i can keep on making da vids for you :D there will be training guides, meso guides for EMS but ofc later on maybe some other kind of videos also!
Ty for your time means alot for me :D